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Between what two bones does the humerus lie?
It fits between the scapula and the radius and ulna.
What type of socket does a humerus have?
Ball and Socket.
The elboe is a ________ joint
The ulna is ______ to the radius
The radius extends from where to where.
Elbow to the thumb side of the wrist.
The hand has how many bones?
The wirst has how many bones? In how many rows?
8 bones, 2 rows of 4
what is formed by three tendons in the hand?
What aer teh carpals
Wrist bones
What are the meta-carpals
palm^^+++ATH0 NO CARRIER
hOW mAnY metacarpals are there
5 per hand.
What are phalanges
The tibia is also known as th
shin bone
The hip is a _____joint
Ball and Socket
If a traction splint is applied right away, a femur fracture is ___ fatal. Without a traction splint, a femur fracture is ___ fatal.
The fibula is on the ____ side of the tibia