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What are the objectives of the ASAP Program?
a. Prevent alcohol & other drug abuse.
b. Identify abusers early
c. Restore abusers to duty or identify rehab failures for separation
? De-glamorization" of alcohol?
No promotion fuctions glamorizing use of alcohol through drinking contest, games, etc
What is self-identification?
A soldier recognizes that he/she has a problem & ask for help
What is command identification?
The Cdr becomes aware of a soldiers performance, conduct, etc appears affected bc of alcohol
What is biochemical identification?
A positive urinalysis in a drug screening test
? Objectives of biochemical testing?
a. Early idftn of drug abuse
b. Deterrence of experimental drug use
c. Monitor rehab progress
d. Development of data prevalence of drug use in the Army
? Objectives of the rehab Program?
a. Restore identified peronnel to effective duty
b. Identify those who can not be rehabilitated
What is ASAP and what does it provide?
Educational program provided to personnel which have a diagnosis of substance abuse and their use is isolated. It is a mandatory 16-hour program.
What does the outpatient treatment program provide for?
It is an individual, group, or family counseling program on a non-resident basis (formerly known as TRACK II). It is designed for individuals identified as substance abusers and lasts for a minimum of 30 days, 60-90 days for occasional users, and 360 days for dependent users.
What is the objective of the Exemption Policy?
To facilitate the effective identification, treatment, and rehabilitation by eliminating the barriers of successful communication between abusers, counselors, and physicians
What does the Inpatient Treatment Program provide for?
It is a one year program with the first six to eight weeks consisting of hospitalization (formerly known as TRACK III). This program is designed for serious substance abusers or chronic dependency.
What is drug abuse?
The illegal, wrongful, or improper use of any narcotic substance
Who is responsible for the ASAP Program?
The Commander
commander must conduct a briefing within how many days upon arrival?
How often should the commander visit the Community Counseling Center?
Once a month (at a minimum)
The Battalion ASAP Coordinator must do what?
a. Monitor the battalion urinalysis progra
b. Ensure units receive quotas and are meeting these quotas
c. Ensure the units turn in urine
d. Conduct pre-inspections
When must the unit commander/first sergeant meet with the Community Counseling Center?
Within 60 days of assuming his/her duties
What does the CG Policy Letter # 10 address?
The use or abuse of illegal drugs
Who can issue a command direct?
The commander
Should there be a primary and alternate school trained ASAP Coordinator?
Should a bulletin board be dedicated only to ASAP?
Should the unit maintain a memo of observers showing they have been briefed on their responsibilities?
How many different kinds of urine bottles are used?
Can the commander refer an individual when identified as a possible alcohol or drug abuser?
Should the commander advise possible alcohol and drug abusers of their rights when initiating a referral?
Where should urine bottles and DA Forms 5180-R be stored?
In a secure area with limited access
Should unit UDA's be screened with a crime records check?
What rank is authorized to collect urine samples?
SGT and above
How must an observer perform his/her duties?
Direct observation- direct line of sight to watch the flow of urine into the bottle
What Army publication applies to alcohol and drug abuse?
AR 600-85
What AR covers ASAP
AR 600-85