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What's on the Pre-Anethetists' tray?
Drug cal. WS, Syringes for drugs, anesthesia record sheet.
What's on the Anethetists' tray?
Drug cal. WS, Pre-measured endo trach, tie for tubes, gauze w/lube, dry gauze, laryngoscope w/blade, induction agent(labeled), artifical tears.
What's on the IV cathers tech's tray?
2 app. size indwelling IV cath, 3cc of hep/saline, 1 in roll tape, infusion plug, 3 small piles of gauze, clippers, IV fluids admin set, fluid rate calculations.
What's on the Urinary/blood collection tech's tray?
Cysto:5ml syringe, 22g 1 1/2in needle, alcolol; urinary cath:sterile gloves, lube, 3 & 12ml syringe, gauze w/nolvasan & water, red rubber cath; blood collection:app syringes, needles & sample tubes; alcohol.
What's on the dental tech's tray?
Periodontal probe, currette, scaler, explorer, disposable prophy head, prophy paste, nolvadent rinse, gauze squares.
What do the pre-anesthetist & anesthetists do before lab to get ready?
Complete PE on pt, report any problems. Put do not feed notice. Calculate drug dosages for protocol.
What do the pre-anesthetist & anesthetist do right before lab begins?
Get pts record, start filling out the anesthetic record, complete brief TPR & recheck PE, record in pts chart, set up and check anesthetic machine.
What does the pre-anesthetist do during lab?
Draw up preanesthetic drugs & administer. Fill in anesthetic record during procedure, record all event during procedure on record sheet, obstain & record pts post-procedure temp.
What does the anesthetist do during lab?
Draw up anesthtic drugs & administer, intubate, inflate endo tube cuff, turn on anesthetic machine. Monitor HR, RR & vaporizer setting @ 5 mn. Turn off vaporizer, disconnect & extubate
What do the pre-anesthetist & anesthetist do during lab?
Transport pt to animal clinic, record post-op temp, finish records, turn of O2, bleed system, turn off scavenger, disconnect machine, assist w/ cleanup.
What does the dental tech do before lab?
Review dental instruments & cleaning. Set up & test ultrasonic cleaner & polisher, gather instruments & supplies.
What instruments & supplies does the dental tech need?
Scaler, subgingibval curette, probe, explorer, disposable prophy angle, dental polish, mask, exam gloves, dental cleaning solution, dental recored form.
What does the dental tech do during lab?
Assist w/restraint, perform dental cleaning & polishing, record on dental record form, take x-rays as needed, assist w/cleanup.
What does the medical technician do before lab?
Review Iv cath placement, urinary cath & cysto. Calculate drip rate, set up fluids & app. size admin set, get supplies for IV cath & urine collection.
What does the medical technician do during lab?
Assist w/restraint, place IV cath, after induction, attach adm set & establish drip rate, collect urine, disconnect IV line, give SQ fluids if needed, assist w/cleanup.
What does the support person do?
Get & restrain animal, gopher during procedure, primary cleanup person, clean, rinse & wipe down tub & grate, clean endo trach tube, check everything is clean & put away.