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Glycolysis Inputs and outputs
Inputs: Glucose, Fructose, Galactose, ATP, Amino Acids, ADP, Pi, Mg, NAD
Outputs: ATP NADH2, GTP, Pyruvate, Lactate
TCA cycle
Inputs: Acetal CoA, Amino Acids, Pyruvate, Thiamine, Pyrophosphate, NAD, FAD, GDP
Outputs: ATP, NADH2, FADH, GTP, CO2, HOH, Glucose
Urea Cycle
Inputs: NH4+, CO2, ATP
Outputs: Arginine, Urea, AMP, PPi, PO3^2-
Beta Oxidation
Inputs: FFA, CoA, ATP, Mg, NAD.
Outputs: Acetyl CoA, NADH2, ATP, HOH
Oxidative Phosphorilation
Inputs: NADH2, FADH, ADP, Fe3+, 1/2 O2, Pi
Outputs: ATP HOH, Fe2+, NAD, FAD
Hexose Monophosphate Shunt
Inputs: Pentose, Hexose, NADP+
Outputs: Hexose, Pentose, NADPH, CO2
Metabolic Fates Glucose
Positive Energy Balance - lipids (glycerol-3-P, NADPH, FA's) Glycogen,