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What are the three general types of arthritis?
1. Inflammatory
2. Degenerative
3. Metabolic
Osteoarthitis is present in virtually all people of what age?
75 years old
How does arthritis manifest? (e.g; what physically occurs in the joint and what does the patient feel?)
Loss of ROM
In the inflammation caused by arthritis, what occurs in the joint?
- Tissue swelling
- Uniform loss of joint space
- Bone erosion
- juxta-articular osteoporosis
The degeneration caused by arthritis effects the joint in what ways?
- Non uniform loss of joint space
- osteophytes
- subchondral sclerosis (hardening beneath the cartillage)
The metabolic problems associated with arthritis are what?
- Soft tissue masses
- Early preservation of joint space
- well-marginated bone lesions.