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_____ temple: free-standing columnade, all way round.
Interior: ____
Right: _____
Floor level: ____
Horizontal: ____ (___,overhanging ledge/___, ___)
Peripteral temple; Interior: Naos, Right: Façade, Floor level: Stylobate; Horizontal: Entablature: Frieze, Cornice: Overhanging ledge, Pediment [E=F+C+P]
Doric: Frieze (____), ___ fluting. Column: ____,
Triglyph and Metopes; Cusped fluting. Column: Capital, shaft.
Ionic: Frieze, Capital (___), Column: (_____)
Capital: Scrolling shape: Volutes vs. T/M; Column: Capital, shaft, and base
Three volutes vs. two
Corner Capital
Corinthian Capital with ____.
Leaves: acanthus
Older Doric Temple
“Basilica”; wide capitals
Women in columns: ____. Round Temple: ____.
Tholos at Delphi
____ at Athens; ____ gateway, altered doric, ionic inside. New buildings date: ____.
Acropolis, Propylaia, 450 B.C., Classical
Temple of ____, (___), by ___.
Temple of Athena Nike, Ionic, Kallikrates
____ with Caryatid porch
Parthenon Architects
Iktinos and Kallikrates
Parthenon inner freize
Parthenon inner freize indicates architects, second freize ionic
_____ style, ____ figures; Mantiklos Apollo with long hair/neck, Horse on; Alter with team to pull chariot, Hero and Centaur; Greek.
Geom; votive
_____ Period Greek style, Egyptian pose.
_____ nude male statue
_____ newer, more realistic.
______: female wearing Chiton vs. peplos; pleats, tubular, Samos with head gone. Found on ____.
Archaic; Kouros; Kroisos; Kore; Acropolis.
____ Frieze; relief, dir. of victory. Homeric battle; Movement of Space, ___, shield seen from inside, overlapping for depth, relative position around casualty, range of movement, muscles.
Siphnian Treasury; hoplytes
______ pediment, fallen warrior, grin
Temple of Aphaia
Greek Statues in ____ Style; zeus, kritios boy
_____ Boy in ______, counterbalance, weight-shifting.
Kritios, contrapposto,
____ Warriors in Contrapposto, ____ B.C.
Riace, 450 B.C.
Sculptor of the Parthenon; Pediment indication. ___ style.
Pheidias; wet drapery.
From Doric Frieze; metope
Battle with centaurs
Inner Frieze from Ionic
Seated Gods hieratically bigger; relief structure; Horseman; Noisy.
Erechtheion’s winged woman
Victory/Nike; parapet of Temple of Athena Nike; wet drapery
Function: Dipylon cemetery ____. (___)
grave stele of Hegeso from Dipylon cemetery, parapet reliefs. (Classical)
Artist of Doryphoros / Spear Carrier: ___.
Polykleitos, artist of Doryphoros / Spear Carrier, bronze, nude man
Lip.; Prayiteles: ___.
The Scraper; Aphrodite of Knidos