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30,000 B.C.
Venus of Willendorf
13-15000 B.C.
Cave at Lascaux, France
2000 B.C.
Stonehenge, Engand; 2000 B.C.
Post and Lintel
______ Statuettes; Hieratic scale.
____ out of mudbrick.
Sumerian, ziggurats, temples
___of___ in victory direction
Standard of Ur
___ stele of ____ (sandstone), _____
Victory stele of Naran-Sin (largest figure), sandstone,hill,sun; Akkadians!!
____ Gudea of ____, diorite
Neo-Sumerian Gudea
______ with law code of ____
Babylonian’s Stele with law code of Hammurabi
____ palace of Sargon with lamassu/____
Assyrian!! palace of Sargon with lamassu (Guardians/winged, human-headed bull) guarding gate, limestone; five legs.
_____'s _____ Gate
Neo-Babylonian’s Ishtar Gate with glazed dragon and bull bricks
_____ soldiers (tiled)
______ Palace/citadel;
______ of (_) Palace
Persepolis; capital
Palette of _______; hiertic scale, dir. of victory
King Narmer
_____ ______ tombs, benches; ____ structures.
Egyptian mastaba tombs; benches; burial structures
___ Stepped Pyramid of stone for _____. Function: _____.
_____ entrance.
_____ of the North Palace
Imhotep’s Stepped Pyramid of stone for King Djoser; function: tomb.
Columnar entrance
Façade of the North Palace
Great Pyramids;(Date)
_____ Kingdom of Egy. history.
____ Temple of Khafre for offerings, ____ and ____.
2500 B.C.; Old Kingdom.
Mortuary Temple of Khafre for offerings; post and lintel
Old Kingdom sculptures.
Ideal, confident: ____
Khafre from Gizeh.
Menkaure and wife
more realistic; lower status
Seated Scribe and Ka-Aper (wooden).
______ papyrus; _____ relief; Egyptian
Osiris papyrus; sunken relief; Egyptian
Head of Senusret III, ___ Kingdom, rulers ___.
____ tombs.
Middle Kingdom; rulers worried.
Rock-cut tombs
Block Statue; cheaper, ______ Kingdom; Senmut with Pincess _____.
Middle Kingdom; Senmut with Pincess Nefrua
_____ Temple; _____ Kingdom; Temples of Horus, Amen-Re.
______ Hall (columns support roof) with _____ (center of roof raised).
Pylon Temple; New Kingdom; Temples of Horus, Amen-Re.
Hypostyle, clerestory
_____ and the _____ Period; strange body type; within New Kingdom; _____
Akhenhaton, Amarna, Nefertiti.
Oldest; _________ of ancient Aegean.
_____ Goddess; evolved to more abstract, smooth, pregnancy;
Harp Player
Cycladic Islands; Rebirth
_______ jar from Crete older than Marine Style Octopus Jar/eggshell
Kamares Ware
Palace of _____ aerial view, ___ B.C.; column originally ___.
Palace of Knossos; 1500 B.C.; wooden.
_________ Fresco, ____.
Theran Spring Fresco; Cyclades
____ Goddess from Palace of _____, ceramic.
Snake, Knossos.
____ Vase from Hagia Triada, ___.
Harvestor Vase, Crete
_____; stones, ____ arch; ___ Gate.
Beehive Tomb; Vault of the ___ of the Treasury of Atreus, ___, Greece.
Mycenae; stones, Corbeled arch; Lion Gate; Vault of the tholos of the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece