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major artery from ascending aorta to headp how all blood gets to the head
right subclavian artery from brachiocephalis
below clavicle carries blood to upper limb, neck and shoulders
left subclavian artery directly from aorta
below clavicle carries blood to upper limb, neck and shoulders
vertebral artery of neck
closest arteries to spine in set of 3 goes through vertebrae
carotid artery
largest artery from aorta
internal carotid artery
small artery branching toward cranial from carotid
external carotid
carotid closer to outside of front of face
4 pulse points of face
carotid, subclavian artery, facial artery transverse facial artery, runs down face point is next to ear
axillary artery
from subclavian down front of upper arm
superior thoracic of upper radial arm
runs from shoulder to hand on radial side.
brachial artery of upper arm
inside of brachius
radial artery
runs down radial bone
ulnar artery
runs down front and side of ulnar bone
basilic is from ulnar artery and is a vein
basalic is a vien from ulnar to outside of hand
cephalic vien
cephalic is a vein and runs from radial artery to hand
arteries where pulse points are located in arm
axillary artery, brachial artery,radial artery, ulnar artery
abdominal aorta
blood to legs
iliac artery
from aorta inside iliac next to aota
external iliac artery
rest of illium
femoral artery
on femur
internal iliac artery
branches of common iliac into illium
popliteal artery
runs over front of knee
anterior tibial artery
runs in front of tibia on inside middle of leg
posterior tibial artery
runs on inside and back of tibia
arotic arch
curves around
thoracic aorta
abdominal aorta
in abdomen
common iliac arteries
left and right from adbominal aorta
superficial temporal vein
long vein inside of head goes to External jugular vein
external jugular
external jugular vein from superficial temporal vein to arotic arch
internal jugular vein
goes in middle of brain down to arotic arch
vertebral veins
come from subclavian vein
right subclavian vein
off jugular
right brachiocephalis vein
on jugular
caval and azygos systems are
superior and inferior vena cava in decending aorta at heart on top and down at thoracic and abdominal aorta
lymphatic nodes 3
Cervical, axillary, inguinal