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Soviet Montage
Editing becomes most importatnt part of film
Soviet Montage Top 3 things
narrative function

Intellectual response

emotinoal cut
Narrative function (NFC)
Narrative Cut -> Back and forth between shooter and person being shot

Flash back - > cut to past or future

Cross Cut -> Things happening at same time hope to meet
Intellectual Response (MCP)
Metaphorichal -> Show something metaphorical in place of what is really happening ex. bulls slain

Contrast Cut-> Show poor people with no food to rich people

parallel cut-> Show things happening at same time ex rich and poor eating
Emotional Cut (RTFD)
Rhythmically -> Shorter and shorter or long

Tonal Cut-> More darkness or lightness

Form Cut- Cutting on similarity or difference of object pencil sword

Directional Cut -> Cut from soldiers left to rigth etc
Recuring items pictures events sound phrases people
Subjects or topics things the film is about
Questions the film poses and may or may not answer conflicts between ideas or positions which may or may not get resolved