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What is Paleolithic?
An art of magic rital.
attempt to influence the life cycle
What is Neolithic?
-Development of permanent village communities.

-Demand for a calendar.
What is Aegean?
- Laid the fountain for a classical heritage for the ancient greece and rome.

- Sculptures may have served as guides to the underworld.
What is Ancient Near East?
-Temples workship of Deities.

-Cooperating community developed here.

- Cultural contribution of writing developed here.
What is Egyptian?
- A great interest in insuring an eternal afterlife.

-Religion and permanence chacterized the Ancient Egyptians.
What is Ancient Greece?
-Poetry,Drama, Architecture, Sculpture.

-Experiment in democracy

-Rational approaches to the mysteries of science and nature, philosophy and logic.
What is Ancient Rome?
-administration and government

-architecture and engineering.
What is Early Christian?
- Catacombs identified a time of persecution.
What is Byzantine?
- Mystical wonder-working powers.
What is the middle ages?
-Monasteries and convents developed elaborate illuminated manuscripts.
What is Midieval art:Middle ages?
-The lofiest expression was the gothic cathedral.
What is Renaissance "rebirth"
-An economic health develops.

-New artist conventions.

-People of great motivation appear.
What is Mannerism?
-Theatrical opposing the harmony of the renaissance.
What is Baroque Art?
What century?
-Express the art of the counter reformation.

-"an active and emotional quality".

-17th century
What is Rococo?

What century?
-An age of involity and luxunious living.

-18th century.
What is Neoclassicism?

What century?
-Attempt to rationalized Rococo.

-Heroic protray and self-sacrifice.

-Napolen proclaiming his empire.

-18th century.
What is Romanticism?

What century?
- Coax's out your emotions.

-Understanding through feelings and not through reason.

-19th century.
What is Realism?

What century?
- Abandoned idealizied images.

-Recording everyday common life.

-19th century.
What is Impressionism?

What century?
-A concern for exquisite color sensations.

-Exploring the very nature of visual perception.

-19th century.
What is Post-Impressionism?

What century?
-Seeking a more formal structure.

-Attempt to liberate art from past academic pratices.

-19th century.
What is fauvism?

What century?
-Robust colors emphasizing form.

-Thought wild and beastly by the public
What is expressionism?

What century?
-Highly lyrical

-Personal emotions of the artist predominants
What is cubism?

20th Century
-A liberation of shape and form.
What is Futurism?

What century?
-A response to the industralized world.

-Interest in the dynamics of modern times.
What is DaDa?

20th century
-Sarcastic expressions

-A protest movement
What is Surrealism?

20th century
-Dream-like imagery

-Hallucination and freudian like thought.
What is Abstract Expressionist?

20th century
-Style of art to appear in the United States after WW2.

-1st truly abstract or non objective.
What Optical Art?

20th century
-Challenging optical experiences

-Explores the principles of optical illusions.
What is Pop Art?

20th century
-Reaction to adstraction
What is Minimalism?

20th century
-Massive in scale, unadorned in detail.

-Resembling architecture in form and organization.
What is Conceptual Art?

20th century
-Relating to the idea, rather than the image.
What is New Realism?

20th century
-Objective Reportage.

-Faithful realism
What is Earthworks?

20th century
-Involved nature rather than constructed.

-The earth becomes the medium.
What is Post-Modernism?

20th century
-Ecletic combinationa of architecture forms.