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Barbarian art characteristics
Animal style
metal bands fused onto metal sheets to creat channals that were filled with colorful stuff
>Fibula (broach)
>Purse cover (on hinges, attached to a leather-skin pouch)
Hiberno-Saxon (Barbarian-Christian Art)
Lindisfarne Gospels (lindisfarne is primary site in England)
>Cross Page
Swirling designs are actually serpants
Horrorvacui:"fear of empty space (prevalent in many illuminated manuscripts-totally filled every space)
>St. Matthew
Abstract, reverse perspective (widened seat), symbol of the angel

The Book of Kells (illuminated manuscript)
>Chi Rho Page
Has a big "P" on it
swirling designs, 7.5x10 inches, "work of angels", abstraction because Monks would copy them
Golden Age of manucsripts?
7th C. to 9th C.
Bodies also appear in art at this time
Carolingian Art
Late 8th, early 9th C.
These manuscripts glorified Christianity
800 AD
Charlomagne's Renovation (MIDIEVIL RENAISSANCE) Goal=to revive the glory of Rome, he thought he was the shit, created a political center and for this was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope. he imitated Constantine in creatting a unified Christian empire.
>Revived art
>Perpetuated learning
Invited intellectuals and artistans from Byzantium in Western Europe to his home in Aachen in NW Germany, imported libraries
Charlemagne's Palace Chapel at Aachen
Rounded arches (chandeleer thing hangs from ceiling), Roman influences (passed down from Christian art), Vaulted
St. Gall
Middle Ages, fear and superstition
Monastic Complex (building design)
learning places
Central building=Abby
clarity and order
Nave, transept, gallery, clerestory
nave and transept are of equal widths
crossing SQUARE (everything else based off this proportion)
Ottonian Art
Mid 10th C.=>East consolodated under a new Saxon line of German emperors (art is very expressionistic)
Culture preserved and enhanced (large-scale sculpture reemerges...none since Roman)

Bishop Bernward's Doors
>Creation of Adam
>Reproach of Adam and Eve
Abbreviated gestures, highly narritive, God blaming Adam, Adam blaming Eve, naked and ashamed
Abstract, highly expressionistic (viewer response)=>German art

Gospel Book of Otto III
>Christ Washing Peter's feet
Paper-doll-like images, flat, looks like a comic strip

Gero Crucifix (Colon, Germany)
striations of muscles
dead weight
bloating in stomach
Goal of Medivil times
To reach the pearly gates