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The Virgin of the Rocks
DaVinci, 1483
Mona Lisa
DaVinci - 1504
The Last Supper
DaVinci - 1498
High Ren David
Michaelangelo - 1501
Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Michy, 1508
Creation of Adam
Mich 1508
Fall of Man
1508, Michy
The Last Judgement
1534, Michy
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tuylip
1632, Rembrandt
Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window
1657, Vermeer
Baroque David
1623, Bernini
Martyrdom of Saint Lieven
1633, Peter Paul Rubens
All lines in image converge @ one point where your eye is drawn
One Point Perspective
Distance Space, bluish in tone, less contrasty in appearance
Atmospheric Perspective
Smokiness, Coined by Leonardo DaVinci, it basically means you avoid hard edges
Light-Dark. very dramatic changes in value to convey volume.
Two Parts to the Baroque Period
Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation
3 Aspects of the Baroque Time Period
Portraits - non idealized people
Still Lifes - Always had lemon, dealt w/ wealth
Landscapes - Massive skies, artist felt connected to & at mercy of land. Few people, buildings usually church of windmill.
3 Aspects of Catholic Counter Reformatin
Religious Fervor - Dramatic, emotional appeal to senses
Diagonals - Imply movement & Action
Strong Chairoscuro - Using dramatic lighting and shadow to set a certain mood