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Goals of the Articles of Confederation:
1. States join in a firm friendship
2. States keep their freedoms
3. Congress is the ruling body
Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation:
1. Congress cannot pass tax laws
2. Congress cannot control trade.
3. No executive or judicial branches
What caused Shays' rebellion?
Farmers were angry over unfair state tax laws. If they couldn't pay, they were imprisoned and lost their land.
Northwest Territory
Land around the Great Lakes gained from the British at the end of the Revolutionary War.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Ordered how new territories could become states. Ordered no slavery in the Northwest Territory.
During the Constitutional Convention, Federalists wanted:
a strong central government
During the Constitutional Convention, Antifederalists wanted:
a central government that could not pass laws unfair to the people.
A document outlining how a government will be run
Three branches of government
Legislative - makes laws
Executive - enforces the laws
Judicial - interprets the laws
Separation of powers
Dividing the powers of a government among more than one part to keep any one part from becoming too powerful
Bill of Rights
A list of citizens' rights which cannot be taken away by the government. Promised by Federalists.
Federalist Papers
A collection of essays which explained the Federalists' reasons for a strong central government.
Great Compromise
In Congress, number of representatives would be based on each state's population. Each state would have two senators.
Three-Fifths Compromise
3 out of 5 slaves would be counted for tax payments and determining number of representatives.
1. Original purpose of Constitutional Convention:
2. Actual accomplishment:
1. Revise the Articles of Confederation to strengthen the government.
2. Created a new government.
How many of the 13 states had to ratify the Constitution?
Ratify means...
9 out of 13

to approve.
The new Constitutional government began in what year?

In what city?

New York City
First president
George Washington...duh!
Group of advisors whom George Washington chose to run the departments of the executive branch
What caused political parties to emerge?
People had differences of opinion on how the government should be run.
Whose ideas led to the first two political parties in the U.S.?
Thomas Jefferson - Democratic-Republicans (people's govt.)
Alexander Hamilton - Federalists (strong govt.)
Pierre L'Enfant
Hired to design the nation's capital city
Washington, District of Columbia was named after
George Washington...double duh!!
Which president made a deal with France for the Louisiana Purchase? For how much?
Thomas Jefferson

15 million U.S. smackers
The Louisiana Territory included which lands?
All lands drained by the Mississippi River system.
Three reasons for the Lewis and Clark Expedition:
1. Search for water route to the Pacific
2. Make friends with the Native Americans
3. Explore the land
Three reasons to start the War of 1812:
1. British navy was stealing men and cargo from U.S. ships
2. British army was helping the Native Americans fight U.S. settlers
3. Take over Canada
Why do we call the "U.S.S. Constitution" by the nickname of "Old Ironsides"?
During a battle with the British, their cannonballs seemed to bounce off her sides.
Name the national anthem.
Who wrote it?
"Star-Spangled Banner"
Francis Scott Key
The survival of Fort McHenry after a British bombardment
What did the War of 1812 prove to the world?
The U.S. would defend her lands and citizens.