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Persistence of Vision. What does is prevent us from seeing?
Interactive optical phenomena. It prevents us from seeing the dark space between the film frames by causing "flicker fusion" when the frequency with which the projection light is broken approaches fifty times per second
What does the combination of persistence of vision and phi phenomenon allow us to see?
The succession of static images as a single unbroken movement and permit the illusion of continuous motion
What effect does the phi phenomeno create?
An apparent movement from frame to frame at optimal projection speeds of 12-24 frames per second.
What are the frames?
Series of individual still photographs that the motion picture camera imprints at one time
What is the shutter?
Opens and closes to obscure the intervals between frames and to permit each frame to be flashed on the screen twice
What are the two basic requirements for projection engineering?
1. The enlargement of images for simultaneous viewing by large groups
2. Ensuring the regular but intermittent motion of the developed film strip as it passed between the projection lamp and the shutter
Apparatus that could serve as a camera, projector, and film printer. It was designed to run at 16 fps and it established the standard for silent film
What was the most important aspect of cinematographe projections?
They marked the end of the period of technological experimentation
What was the bioscope? And who invented it?
Projector for celluoid film strips
What was the theatrograph? And who invented it?
Robert W. Paul
Projector based on the kinetoscope