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When was the Reniassance in Europe
Define Reniassance
A revival or rebirth of cultural awareness and learning
What was empasized in the Reniassance
Human beings and their environment, science, philosophy
Define Tondo
A round shaped painting
Define Foreshortening
parts get smaller as they recede in space
Define Mannerism
the expressionistic approach, over exaggerating
Define Chiaroscuro
Strong contrast of dark and light values in painting
Why was Michaelangelo's David made?
It was made for Pope Julius II's Tomb but didnt fit
Where was the Early Reniassance?
Where was the high Reniassance?
What were two areas that were highly prized?
Anatomy and botany
Who made the Palladian style?
Andrea Palladio designed buildings similar to roman ones but more laid back.
Saltcellar of Francis (What's it made of)
Gold with ebony base
Abduction of the Sabine Woman (What's it made of)
Donatello's Gattamelata (What's it made of)
Gates of Paradise (What's it made of)
Gilt bronze relief
Michaelangelo's Pieta (What's it made of)
Why was Della Francesca Famous
True cross section drawing
What did Paolo Uccello do?
He cared more about scientific aspect of painting than perspective. He used foreshortening.
What pieces did Donnatello do?
Bronze David, contraposto
Where is the Last supper painting?
Santa Maria della Grazie, Milan
What was the powerful florentine family
What did Mantaña do
used foreshortening
What structure did brunellesci do?
Cathedral of Florence