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Most important excavated sites @ India. Highly developed/ compass point streets/ multistoried homes/1st sofisticated water and sewage system. Great bath in the center of surviving temples possibly didnt have any
Mohenjo-Daro/ Indus Civilization
clover like designs with three stylized leaves/ seen on the robed male figure's elegant robe
(Yoke' union, to unite the individual with the divine) in the sel, folded legs with heels pressed together and his arms resting on the knees
Aryams composed first four _____- compliation of religous learning (means knowledge) written in sanskirt, including hyms for priests (Brahminss) to chant of sing
basic teaching/ philosophies - Major religons from Asia/ ---- is dominate religon in India today origins in Aryan religon. Use image of god and holy persons in religous rituals
originating in Asia/ Founded by Budah/ avocating path of asceticism, or self-disipline and self-denial to free ones self from attachments to people and possesions thus ending rebirth
Ashoka formulated legal code based on Buddha's dharma and inscribed his law on enormous monolithic stone colomns erected throught his kingdom. 30-40 ft high
Ashoka's Pilliars
wheel/ refered to the wheel of law
most popular subjects in al Budah artistic tradition: Numerous versions are available
4 events- Birth from the side of Queen Mya
-Achievement of Buddahood while medatating beneath tree at Bodah Gaya
-attainment of Nirvana when he died
Episodes od Budah's life
Budah to be/ eximplify compassion who holding back at the threshold of Nirvana and aid to othersment to become a buddahood
limited text and roman influence have changed the buddah
Variations of the Buddha's statues (and influences)
hand gestures conveying fixed meanings
Buddhist sanctuaries Monument to Budah. His cremated remains are placed in 8 reliquaries buried in solid earth mounds
walking around the stupa in clockwise direction(path of sun) bringing the devotee into harmony with the cosmos
a sensious woman. Goddess worshiped through out India, Personified fertility and vegetation
Yakshis and yakshas
carved out of living rock @ Karle. 100ce with cillared ambultones (walking Paths) allowing viewers to circumbulate the stupa
Chaitya Hall
outside chaitya hall-amoros couples
Hindu god- destroyer but consistint with multiplicty
preserver of universe 4 arms and various attributes
female goddes created and destroys/ riding a lion
6th century 18 arms swinging rythmicly come hands hold drums with elefant headed son
Shiva Nataraja (lord of the Dance)
the "great god" or lord of lords indepths of carve 3 faces of deity. central is quiet balance right is female left is grevance male
Shiva as Mahadeva
sacred geometryic diagram of the universe
Most monolithic temples @ Mamallapuram, south of Madras on Bay of Bengal called ---- or chariots
comparable to actual cave temples at Elephanta. Not designed to appear natural rather perfect mountains designed using ideal mematitucal proportions
Mountain symbolism of Indian teplesmes