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People & Animals (Age)
4,000 - 2,000 BCE
People & Animals (Location)
Lerida, Spain
People & Animals (Medium)
On the wall of a shelter rather than a cave
People & Animals (Significance)
Shows people tending to animals, representing the domestication of herds
People & Animals (Style)
Flying Gallop
Cattle Being Tended (Age)
5,000 - 2,000 BCE
Cattle Being Tended (Location)
Tassili-n-Ajjer, Africa (Present Day Algeria)
Cattle Being Tended (Significance)
Everyday life, herded animals,
Cattle Being Tended (Medium)
Rock Wall Painting
Skara Brae (Age)
3,100 - 2,600 BCE
Skara Brae (Location)
Scotland, Orkney Islands
Skara Brae (Material)
Skara Brae (Style)
Post and Lintel and Corbelling
Skara Brae (Significane)
Included built in beds, a hearth, grinding stones, fishing tanks, pottery with decorative lines, and walkways to other dwellings
Stonehenge (Age)
2,750 - 1,500 BCE
Stonehenge (Location)
Wiltshire, England
Stonehenge (Materials)
Sandstone, Bluestone
Stonehenge (Significance)
May have been used to keep time, Some type of gathering site
Stonehenge (Style)
Uses Mortise and Tenon Joints, Post and Lintel Construction
Vessels (Age)
3,000 BCE
Vessels (Location)
Vessels (Size)
5-12 Inches
Vessels (Material)
Vessels (Style)
Incisions and Geometric Markings, Chalk Color
Vessels (Significance)
Found at Gravesite- used to honor the dead
Horse and Sun Chariot (Age)
1800 BCE
Horse and Sun Chariot (Location)
Horse and Sun Chariot (Size)
23 1/4 Inches
Horse and Sun Chariot (Material)
Bronze with Gold
Horse & Sun Chariot (Significance)
Shows and Animal pulling the sun through the heavens
Horse & Sun Chariot (Style)
Patterns on the Horse are Geometric and Rectilinear. The Sun is continuous and curvilinear
Openwork Box Lid (Age)
1st Century BCE
Openwork Box Lid (Location)
Openwork Box Lid (Size)
3 Inches in Diameter
Openwork Box Lid (Style)
Symmetry and Negative Space, Lattice Work
Openwork Box Lid (Significance)
Luxury Item
Openwork Box Lid (Material)