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semicircular or angular extension at the east end of a basilica or Christian church
Spanish term for Moorish woodwork or joinery, usually made of Spanish cedar, which is soft and fine-grained, somewhat like red pine
an exterior support built against a wall; particularly seen in Gothic architecture, where it was introduced as extra masonry to resist the heavy thrust of the arched stone roof of the building
a story above an adjoining roof; … windows in the nave wall of a church are those above the roof of the side aisles; in general, a window placed near the top of the wall
ornament used on the sides of pinnacles, usually leaf or bud shaped; commonly seen in Gothic architecture
a semicircular arch that springs directly from a Renaissance column capital or pier and is trimmed with an architrave molding; usually seen in series
Florentine Arch
in Gothic architecture, an arch springing from the wall of a building to an exterior stone pier; intended as a counterthrust weight to resist the thrust of the arched roof
Flying Buttress
a projecting stone waterspout grotesquely carved in fantastic animal or bird form; used in Gothic architecture
the large, two-storied central hall of a medieval castle, used principally for dining and entertaining
Great Hall
a carved Gothic panel enrichment that resembles folded linen or a scroll of linen
a vertical or horizontal bar that acts as a division piece between windows or glass panels
the main or central part of a cruciform church, usually flanked by aisles and terminated by an apse
in Gothic architecture, a doorway or window with a point on the top, like an arrow directing eyes upward; produced by two curves that meet in the centre forming a point; an arch with a pointed apex
Pointed Arch
a four-lobed ornamentation
a dining hall, especially in ecclesiastical or collegiate buildings
the framework of arched ribs which support light masonry
Ribbed Vaulting
a circular window with mullions of tracery radiating from a center in wheel form, the spaces between being filled with richly colored glass; originally introduced in Gothic cathedrals, the form was later applied to wood paneling and furniture design
Rose Window
the stone mullions in a Gothic window
in church architecture, that portion of a building that crosses the nave at right angles, near the apse or east end of the building
a three-lobed ornamentation resembling a clover
Spanish term for small lacelike patterns of plaster relief that were colored and used extensively on the walls of Moorish rooms