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Carved Pulpit in Baptistery in Pisa
"Life of Christ"
Niccolo Pisano
Carved angel Gabriel in Reims, also carved pulpit on life of Christ in Pisa.
Giovanni Pisano
Started Mannerism "elongated figures"
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Diagonal lines, spot lighting were techniques used by...
Jacopo Tintoretto
This structure was built by professionals using local materials and local manual labor(1200-1350 A.D.).
The Gothic Cathedral
To prove the truth of Christian beliefs by reference to data we see about us in the world. Every item and object fitted into the divine scheme. This made arrangement necessary. Thousands of ideas had to be marshaled in an effective system of heading and subheadings. This thought went into the building. Everything Gothic had to stand logical analysis. The Gothic mind felt no need to separate the idea of divinity from the physical world. To the builder of the period it seemed plain common sense to regard the stones of the church as details in God's universal order. Building (so viewed) became more than a skill; to understand building was to posses the knowledge by which men might understand the world and God.
ST. Thomas's Inquiry
1.Bell towers
2.Rounded arch for doors and windows.
3. Splayed opening (funnel-like arch series)
4. Compounding of supports
5. Lombard porch
6. Compound Arch
7. Wheel of Rose window
8. Blind arcades (bricked up windows)
9. Decorations
Parts of the Romanesque church
Built to lean to be unique
The leaning tower of Pisa
Four places you find decorations
1. Stained glass windows
2. Caps (tops of columns)
3. Doorways
4. Pedaments (above doorways.
Carved the first nude
Niccolo Pisano
Casket carver of Pisa
Giovanni Pisano
Frontal lighting
South doors of baptistry "Life of John the Baptist" sculpture.
Andrea Pisano
Did "life of Christ" on North Doors
East doors 10 panels depicted...
Old Testament
Rediscovers perspective, makes outer dome 140'X367'
He learned in Rome and is most known for Three and a half David sculptures including one life size--free standing.
Re-discovers natural lighting, died at 27, his 2 paintings changed art history.
The "complete man of the Renaissance" and teacher of Da Vinci.
Famous for Mona Lisa and last supper, brilliant man.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Became the great artist of the High Renaissance and didn't finish Saint Peter.
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Enlarged hands in sculpture was a trademark of...