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Who created the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
-compartments: creation, fall, flood
-made in 2 parts
Who created the David?
Who created the "pastoral concert?"
-Giorgione + Titian
Who was Bramante?
-High Renaissance Arch. designer
-Milan (patron under the Sforza's)
-settled in Rome
Who was Corregio?
-Painter of High Ren.
-resident of Mantua
-did "assumption of virgin"
Who was Giorgione?
-MAJOR high ren painter
-used enigmatic themes
-studied under Bellini
Defeat of the Giants
Who was Romano?
-commissioned by Gonzaga
-did Palazzo del Te', which was built for enjoyment
Vestibule Library of Lorenzo
-arch serves no real function.
What did Sangalo the Younger create?
-The Palazzo Farnese
-under Pope Paul III.
-Michel takes over
-Questioning the true presence of christ
-under Julius II
"School of Athens"
-meant to summarize the ideals of Ren papacy
-under Julius II
Who was Rafael?
-Florence to Urbino, to Rome
-study under Perugino
-"man of many madonna's
-work under Julius II, cont under Leo X
-Mary supports and mourns full-grown Jesus.
-at Old St. Peters
"Mona Lisa"
-kept all his life
-High Ren
"Virgin and St. Anne with John the Baptist and Jesus"
-chiaroscuro (light and shadow)
"Vitruvian Man"
-geometric basis for perfect proportions
"Last Supper"
-numerical symbolization
-High Ren
-from Julius's tomb design. Meant to look like him
-1 of 4 statues
-High Ren.
-High Ren.
-where Peter was crusified
-principles of Vitruvius and Alberti
-High Ren.