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Did no like the decorative trend of Cubism
Need for order fundamental; nature moves us in intellect
Urban culture connects to machine age
uses regularites of universe like pots, bowls, bottles.
Purism ideals
Purism colors
Dark red, blue ochre and other earthly colors
Trends of Purism
bright colors yet seems robotic
-individual/impersonal expressions
L'Espirit Nouveau
-mouthpiece of Purism
-shows Purism to world
-standard of living
- rationally designed furniture with industrial principles
-connects furniture as equipment
La Peinture Moderne
The writings that first compared modern life to machinery in art
Purism paintings are based on
-geometric forms
-landscapes as well as still life
-overlaping shapes
-household items
-similar curves
-similar lines
-still life
-dark red, green blue earth colors
Le Corbusier was doing...
After this person opened a studio in 1922 with Ozenfant, LC began to design private homes for clients near Paris, using a combo of simple forms and utilitarian needs.
technology and simple design
proportionate to body
Le Corbusier in design techniques
1922 Le Corbusier made...
the immeubles villas
-stacked appartements into 1 building
Five points of Architecture
1. roof garden- interactions
2. Free facade-structural partitions
3. Columns -raise house above ground
4. Free plan- furniture arranged to be functional
5. strip windows-maximum sunlight
Golden Sction or Section d'Or of Cubism is also known as..
Groupe de Puteaux or Puteaux Group
because it was basedi n Paris suburb of Puteaux
Section d'Or was...
a collective of painters and critics associated with an offshoot of Cubism known as Orphism that was different from Cubism, more distingusihed
Orphism focused on...
pure abstraction and bright colors by Favuvism and Eugene Chevreul
pioneered by Delaunays,
term voiuned by Guillaume Apollinaire
Robert Deluany
influenced by neo-impressionists use of color
did paintings of Cathedrals adn Eifel Tower
Was dynamic movement and vibrant color
-more known for pictorial rhythms and colour harmonies
1912 has events of:
1. transfer analytical Cubism to Synthetic
2. Gleizes and Metzinger published first doctrinal work on Cubism
3. Exbibition of Sectopm d'Or at the La Boetie Gallery in Paris
4. Picasso and Braque shoe work at Kahnweiler Gallery
Who was Jacques Villon?
Initiative and title of exhibition were due to this painter; many artitsts in his studio met because of rhythms and proportion problems
Trattato della Pittura
Leonardo da Vinci's book that Villon read which inspired the title of the group Section d'Or, where math and golden ration took main idea
Golden Ratio
ratio of line (a+b) to the large segment (a) is the same as teh ration of the large segment (a) to the small segment (b)
What does the Golden Ratio do?
symbolizes Villons belief in order and significance of mathmatical proportions becuase reflects patterns adn relationships occuring in nature.
Also shows need for order and measure
Exhibition of the Section d'Ord at the La Boetie
Held in October in 1912
-Duchamp, Gleizes, Gris, Leger, Lhote, Marchand, Picabia
OPening address given by Guillaume Apollinaire
An important figure in Section d'Or in 1911-1913
Marcel Duchamp:
showed movement in paintings.
used doubling, and overlaping to show different phases
"nude decending a staircase"
An important figure in Section d'Or
in 1907
Raymond Duchamp-Villon
jury of sculpture section of Salon d"Automne.
Key part of promotoin in cubist movement
-also developed aesthetics with brothers
Two Section d'Or dudes who in 1912
Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger; wrote theoretical essay about Cubism, called Treatise Du Cubisme
Armory show in New York city was important to Cubism because...
febuary 1913, Gleizes and Metzinger introduced new Sectiond'Or
An important figure in Section d'Or in 1909
Fernand Legar:
developed own quirky cubist style.
Used reduction to the simplest forms and formal austerity linked with a pure, sharply contrasting palette in paintings
Influence on cubism, modern advertising, and other applied art
Movement from 1909-1914
Orphic Cubism
Fauvism and Cubism influnnces...
fauv- bold, unconventional, exaggerated and symbolic use of color
cub-fragment planes, multiple points of view within one plane
Used overlapping planes of contrasting colors and specific color combinations based on color theory "law of Simultaneious Contrast of Colors" by ...
Michael- Eugene Chereul, a French Chemist
Orpheus influenced Orphism...
Named by Guillarme Apollinaire in Les Peintres Cubistes, after the Greek mythology story based on music, purity, abstraction, emotion, and beauty
Characteristics of Orphic Cubism
-gives pure aesthetic pleasure
-Self evident structure
-sublime meaning and subject, achieved simultaneously
-Apollinaire considered these to create pure art
-vague definition, short-lasting period
-Only TRUE Orphic Cubist was Robert Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay
All described by Apollinaire as Prphists, but only true one was Delaunay
Creates depth, harmony through color effects and a Cubist fragmentation of space
"Simultanism" style by Robert Delaunay in Orphism
Who am I?
Salvador Dali attended which school?
AND year?
La Academia de San Fernando
and lived in the La Residencia de Estudiantes
in 1922
The Residence was...
a prestigious cultureal insitution that created the intellectual enviornomnment of Spains brightest young thinkers, writers, and artists
Why was the Residencia de Estudiantes important?
It allowed the great thinkers of the times to come together and fullfil their ideas
Tertulias was...
started by the intellects of the Residencia de Estudiantes that this created group of artists and writers gathered daily during day and night
Mission of Residencia de Estudiantes...
complement the university education by fostering an exciting intellectual and living environment for its students
What strongly encouraged the constant dialouge between Science and Arts, welcoming the avant-garde ideas from abroad and being the focal point for spreading modernity in Spain?
the Residencia mission
Generacion del 98 was...
group of novelist, poets adn philosophers active at time of Spanish- American war in 1898.
Name coined by Jose Martinez Ruiz, AKA Azorin
Azorin wrote a 1918 essay called "La generacion de 1898" and it...
alluded to the moral, political, and social crisis in Spain produced by the disaster and the loss of teh colonies of Cuba,Puerto Rico and the Philipines after defeat in teh Spanish America war the same year
Generacion del 27 was...
group of poets that arose in Spanish Literary circles between 1923 and 1927, from a shared desire to experience and work with avant-guarde forms of art and poetry
Seville in 1927 was important because...
Generacions del 27 first formal meeting and marked the 300th anniversary of the of the baroque poet Luis de Gongora
Some members of "La Generacion del 27" . . .
Rafael Albertia, Luis Cemuda, Federico Garcia Lorca
Bunuel, Garcia Lorca, Jose Bello(pepin) were all besties with...
Bunuel and lorca were bffs with Salvador dali
Why was Dali expelled in 1923?
He was accused of having led a student protest against the painter Dnaiel Vazquez Diaz not having been granted the chair of Panting at the Painting school. He then had to repeat the same year.
Why was Dali expelled in 1926?
He was expelled for declaring imcompetent the tribunal of teachers that examined him.
Dali's first phase was
In the Residencia (1922-1924)
Dali and Lorca meet each other and get involved in the international avant-gard environment.
Dali Bunuel, Pepin Bello all called themselves 'Putrefactos' . From this came a series of drawings between 1925-1926 called ' El Cuaderno de los putrefactos'
Innfluences of Dali
Seurat (pointism)
Cezanne (colors)
Picasso (cubism)
Dali's second phase was
Everything is clear (1925-1928)
Mde up of mainly purism, machinism, and objectivity. Dominated by the agreements and disagreements from Lorca's 'Oda a Salvador Dali' to the 'Sant Sebastia'
model: L'Espirit Nouveau, purism, machinism, Valori Plastici, the metaphysical , the objectivity and modern life
Valori Plastici
Title of an Italian art Magazine that was founded by Mario Broglio(1891-1948) in 1918, it turned against Modernizm (Cubism, Expressionism, and tendencies of abstraction), but especially against Futurism. THe magazine supported by a former futurist and an ardent worshiper of the Pittura Metafisica, Carlo Carra (1881-1966), was published up until 1922. (Italian for plastic values)
Pittura Metafisica
In the beginning, the Valori Plastici was the organ of this, as the style complied with its demands. The esthetic concept asked to return a concreteness in a Neo-classic sense, the reflection of the ideal and national traditions.
New Objectivity
an art movement that arose in Germany in teh early 1920s as an outgrowth of, and in opposition to, Expressionism. The movement essentially ended in 1933 with the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis to power. Applied to works of Pictorial art, literature, music, architecture, and photography
L'esperit Noveau
This avant-guarde magazine was editied by Amadee Ozenfant and Le Corbusier, covered a wide range of subjects like architecture and science. It was initially called " Revue internationale d'esthetique" and later "Revue internationale illustre de l'activite contemporaine...arts, lettres, science" It alllowed Le Corbusier to explore his ideas on Urbanism and architecture
Dali's Third Phase was
Philosophical Aesthetics
Lorca used this expression to talk about Dali's Surrealist paintings. This period was the beginging and definitive seperation which starts their growing apart. Friendship displaced by radical subjectivity.
What phase of Dali?
Lorca's new poems and drawings, Miro is an influence. The Philosophical Aesthetics, dali called teh other side of San Sebastia... AKA beggining of lorca and Dalis differences
Who am I?
Born on May 11, in Figures,(Girona)
Salvador Dali.
Son of notary public Salvador Dali and his wife, Felipa Domenech Ferres
Who am I?
First school: State Primary School under Esteve Trayter
Second School: Hispano-French School of the Immaculate Conception
the second school, he learned French, his cultural vehicle language.
Who am I?
1916 spent time on the outskirts of Figures at the Moli de la Torre estate owned by the Pichot family.
Here he discovered Impressionism.
Dali then began secondary school at the Marist Brothers school and at Figures grammer school. Then attended classes taught by Juan Nunez at the Municipal Drawing School in Figures .
Who am I?
1917 my papa organised an exhibition of my drawings at the family home.
I am Salvador Dali.
in 1918 I contributed a vignette to the popular Catalan magazine, Patufet.
Who am I?
In 1919 I was in a an exhibition at the Societat de Concerts room with my firends who founded the Studium magazine which I published my first articles.
This exhibition at the Municple Theatre later became the Dali-Theatre Museum. My first publication consisted of academic tones of Goya, El Greco, Duer, Leonardo da Vbinci, Michalangelo and Velazquez. I also wrote humor in El Sanyo Pancraci.
Who am I?
I started a personal diary in 1919 called Les meves impressions i records intims
Dali. It means My personal impresstions and Private memories. I did this until the next year
Who am I?
I began writing a novel in 1920, called Tardes d'Estiu.
Then My dad said that id I go to Madrid to study at the Fine Arts School, I have to qualify as a teacher
Who am I?
1921 my mom died, then the next year my papa married her sister, as I designed posters for the Santa Creu Festival and a special edition of L'Emporda Federal newspaper that was devoted to Enric Morera and Pep Ventura
Who is missing from this group?
Luis Bunuel
Federico Garcia Lorcxa
Pedro Garfias
Eugenio Montes
Pepin Bello
Salvador Dali
The group o friends lived at Residencia de Estudiantes and attended teh Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando
In 1922 I wrote a notebook called Ninots. Essatjos sobre Pintura. Catalex dels cuadrus em notes
It has valuble information about Dali's progress as an artist. He probs recieved first information about Cubist painting throught the futuristic catalogue Pittura Scultura Futuriste that Pepito Pichot had brought him from Paris, as well as Espirit nouveau adn Valori Plastici passed onto him by his uncle Anseim Domeneech
What happened to Dali in 1923?
He published the poem, THe Fair in the L'Emparda Federal
he got expelled for leading a protest
he returned home to FIgures where Nunez taught him etching
Who am I?
in 1924 my drawings were published in teh Alfar and Espana magazines. Then I returned to school.And I drew Les Bruixes de Liers
I had to repeat another academic year.
Who am I?
I participated in teh following exhibitions:
Modern Catalan Art in Madrid
First Autum Salon in sala Pares in BCN
Exhibition of Catalan Pictorial Modernism as Against a Selection of Works by Foreign Avante Guarde Artists at Galeries Dalmau in BCN
did again in 27
Sal. Dali made his first trip to Paris in what year?
1926; he was with his aunt and sister.
he met Picasso,and visited Louvre.
The same year he was expelled for saying the teacher who graded him was not good enough. Then he returned to Figures and only did painting.
What year did Dali start to show his clear influences of Surrealism?
1927. He also started to show future aesthetic principles: severed hands and heads, amputated torsos, veins and arteries, fish, chopped-up figures, rotting donkeys, animals in states of decompostion and ya you know... He was not classical anymore.
What was Dali's first performance at Barcelonas Teatre Goya?
Mariana Pineda, by Garcia Lorca. He did decor and costumes.
from 1927-1929 Dali publicated what journal that was devoted to Lorca, and it began Dali's Regular and extensive collaboration with the Vanguardist journal L'Amic de les Arts?
San Sebastin
in ________, I took part in the group exhibition__________ Art Manifestation at the ____________ ______. La Gaceta Literaria published ________ and _____________. I am _________ and I also created the logo for the magazine ____ and all the illustrations. I am _____
In 1928,
Vanguard Art Manifestation at the Galeries Dalmau
Published: To Lidia of Cadaques and Realisty oand Hyperreality
Logo Gallo
What was the Yellow Manifesto?
in 1928, Dali Lluis Montanya and Sebastia Gasch published the Catalan Anti-Artistic Manifesto that firecely attacked convential art. This same year, Dali took part in the third Autum Salon, and in teh 27th international Exhibition of Paintings in Pittsburgh, US
In the late 1920s, Dali was inspired by ...
Botticelli, (venus and Mars)
Giotto (joachims Dream)
Early 1930s Dali became interested in ...
Optical Illusions
In the late 1930s Dali was inspired by
De Goya, Vermeer,
In 1929, Dali went to Paris again, and it was a significant year because...
Through Miro, Dali came in contact with Andre Breton, and the group of Surrealists. Also Un Chien Andalou was shown in theatres, who he made with Luis Bunuel
1929 was also significant to Dali becuase he met in Cadaques...
Camille Goemans a gallery owner, Rene Magritte, Luis Bunuel, Paul Eluard, and Gala.
Dali's first indivudual exhibition was held at Galerie Goemans in Paris
Dali made the front piece for the second Superrealist Manifest by ...
Andres Breton.
By the 1930s Dali found his own style, language, and form of expression that we allkonwn him for. It is a mixture of...
vanguard and tradition. He was influenced by Cubism, Purism and Futurism. He had fully integrated into Surrealism and began his consecration as a painter.
In what year did Dali enters into civil matrimony with Gala, Yves Tanguy and Andre Gaston as witnesses/
1934 Dali and Gala wedded
Dali almost got expelled in 1934 because...
He exibited at teh Exposition du Cinquantenaire in the Salon des Independants of the Grand Palais in Paris without asking the opinion of the other surrealist group members
In 1934 Dali made his first journey to...
Once in the US, Dali had two exhibtions; one in... the other in...
Juluen Levy Gallery and the other in Avery Memorial of the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartfor Connecticut, 1934
1936 Dali did...
1937 Dali did...
!938 Dali did...

a. Marx brothers, unfinnished script and they returned to Europe
b. Aphrodisiac Jacket, Notes sur le poesie, MOMA
c. Old and new Trompe l'oeil, Amsterdam, visited Freud
3. c
What departement store did Dali decorate then get arrested over because he did not like the minor change with no consensos?
a. Macys, NY
b. Bonwit-Teller, London
c. Bonwit-Teller, NY
d. Julien Levy, NY
What year did the German troops enter Bordeaux causing Dali to live in the US until...
THey lived in the Caresse Crosby's house in Hampton Manor VIrginia
Who Am I?
Influenced by Bernini, Fontana dei quattro Fiumi, ROme 1641
Salvador Dali- Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a Pomegranate one second becfor awakening, 1944