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color schemes include?
primary- red blue yellow
secondary- purple(violet) orange, green
tertiary- red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue green
complementary- colors you find across from eachother
Describe monochromatic, complimentary, unity and variety
mono- one color
complimentary- 2 colors to create the photo (like red and green)
unity and variety- same proportions, but not everything the same
name the different Art media
pastel, Binder, Filler, Conte Crayon, Graphite Pencil, Pen and Ink, Encaustic Painting, Fresco Painting, egg tempera, oil paint, water color and gouche, acrylic
conte crayon
high quality version of the drawing medium we used as kids. Amount of pigment is very high and the crayon is hardened in a special process, come in black, white, gray and sanguine (dried blood)
Graphite pencil
ancestor to pencil, is metalpoint or silverpoint, can't erase mistakes
Pan and Ink
wet medium, unforgiving, overlaying of different lines can describe varying shades or gray from black to white
encaustic painting
with beeswax usually on a wood panel, not used very often today but a lot in Egypt
Fresco painting
very labor intensive and involves many people. Subject to many variables, makes different cells or plaster. Cracks overtime. once plaster dries paint becomes part of the building
made up of pigments or ground up minerals. Can be blended or left alone
Binder and filler
made of water
less expensive and lower quality (like crayons)
Egg tempera
old paint medium used by modern artists. great for filling in blocks or color or doing extremely fine details
Oil paint
linseed oil suspension dries slow (allowing artists to change paintings)
water color and gouache
both water media, but watercolor is translucent and gouache is opaque. can be worked with a lot of water or and almost dry brush
synthetic medium which can mimic oils, temperas, water colors and gouache in appearance. Dries quickly