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What is Art History?
The study of the original cultural context of art made in a certain historical time period.
How old is it? Physical evidence
What kinds of materials were used? Ex. bronze, plastic, oil paint...
How old is it? Documentary evidence
Were any records left indicating when the art was created?
How old is it? Visual evidence
Does the hairstyle, clothing or furniture suggest the date of the art?
How old is it? Stylistic evidence
Can you identify the artist's special or unique way of creating the art?
What is the style? Period style
Refers to the specific way of creating art in a specific historical period
What is the style? Regional style
Describes changes in artistic style based on geography or location
What is the style? Personal style
The special or unique qualities of an individual artist or architect
Personal determiner:
Who made it?
Market determiner:
Who paid for it?