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Treason Of Images
closely look at object a pipe
Rene Magritt
Kasmis Malevich painting Black Rectangle , Blue Rectangle showing no reference to the natural world is
Non Objective
Abstract art reduces the world to it ----------- qualiities
Marisol's Baby giel illustrates ------------ art
aesthetics is defined as an urge to respond
Alaxander calder's dots and dashes is an example of
kinetic art
Our worl " Idea' DERIVES from the grek word Idein , meaning --------------
lines that are suggested but not literally visible are called ---------------
Proably no painter explored the expressive qualities of the curve as it relates to the female form more than ------------
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Mantegna's dead crist the artist utilizes the technique of ------- in order to adjust the distortion created by the point of view
fore shortning
Marcel Ducamp's nude descending staircase caused a great scandal at the army show of 1913 held in---------
new york city
Alexanders Calder's large red sculpture La Grande is painted on the side of ------------
sanitation trucks
who introduced a bill to congress prohibiting the use of NEA funds for dissemination , promotion, or production of obscene or indecent materials
jessie helms
what might have affected Picass's severe style of representation used in The Woman of Avignon
Aferician Mask
Which sculptor eventually saw his controversial work destroyed
richard serra "Tilted arc"
how do kane kwei's coffins serve as a ritual function 16
17 the study of visual images is called
celebrate life
18 the fine art of handwritting is
19 salvador dali"s the presence of memory provides the viewer with illusion of the 3-dimentional world on a 2 dementional surface in the style of ------------
20 physical and visual processing is divided into 3 steps
reception extraction inference
22 who created the spiral jetty
robert smithson
23 the study of visual images is called
diego velazquez , las meninas 1656, is this painting rep- or non- objective?
25 diego velazquez , las meninas 1656 is representational or nonobjective
non objective
26 christo and jeanne claude unbrellas are exhibited in
califorina - japan
27 content refers to
the meaning
jasper johns 3 flags represent
29 erna monta , bushfire and corroboree dreaming is about
aborigional ceromomy
30 carl andre's sculpture redan appears to be completly non objective it does in fact have a source that can be traced to the real world. what is it
arcteual feature