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Central Ray for a PA and oblique hand?
3rd MPJ
What do you do for a lateral hand in extension if you are looking for a foreign object?
dcrease KVP by 10
A hand in lateral flexion is done to show what?
anterior/posterior fracture displacement
Where do you center for a pa and lateral finger
proximal IPJ
Where do you center for an AP, PA, and lateral thumb?
What is the PA semi pronation wrist and used to see?
Scaphoid and lateral carpals
AP semi pronation oblique is used to see what?
pisiform, triquetrum, hamate and medial carpals
In ulnar flexion/deviation do you move hand medial or lateral?

Where do you center?

What is it used to see?


Scaphoid and other lat carpals, reduces foreshortening of navicular
What is the positioning for carpal canal(Gaynor-Hart)?

Where is the CR?

What is visualized?
Hyperextend wrist with palm vertical

25-30 degrees into long axis of hand

Carpal Canal- trapezium, scaphoid capitate, triquetrum, pisiform
When doing a forearm should the shoulder and elbow be on the same plane?
the medial (internal) oblique elbow is done to visualize what?
coronoid process
What is the lateral (external) oblique elbow used to visualize?
Radial head, neck, and tuberosity free from superimposition
In an AP Humerus do you see the greater or lesser tubercle?
Do you see the greater or lesser tubercle in lateral humerus?
Where is the central ray for the AP shoulder?
coracoid process
What does the external shoulder visualize?
greater tubercle
What does a shoulder done in neutral position visualize?
Calcific deposits and trauma
Internal shoulder is done to visualize what?
lateral of humerus and lesser tubercle
What is the positioning for a transthoracic lateral shoulder?

What is visualized?
lateral with affected surgical neck centered to film, unaffected arm overhead. CR to surgical neck.

Lateral Shoulder and proximal humerus through thorax
What is the position for a PA oblique shoulder (scapular y)?

Why is this view done?
Affected shoulder centered with mcp 60 degrees to film. CR to shoulder joint.

Good for demonstration of dislocations
Where is the CR in a PA Axial clavicle?

Why is this done?
25-30 degrees caudad to the supraclavicular fossa

can demonstrate fractures not seen in PA or AP
What is the positioning for AP scapula?
centered w/ arm abducted and elbow flexed. CR midscapula 2" inferior to coracoid process
What is the positioning for a lateral scapula?

What does this visualize?
Erect PA 45-60 degree oblique with affected side toward image receptor. Arm across the chest, or super impose scapular borders.

Arm across chest- acromion and coracoid processes
superimposed- super imposed borders free of rib cage
Where is the CR directed in the Dorso plantar, medial oblique, and lateral foot?
base of 3rd metatarsal. in dorso CR angled 10 degrees cephalic.
What is the angle of the medial oblique foot?
30 degrees
Where is the CR directed to in dorso plantar toe?
10 degrees cephalic to 2nd MPJ