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AR that prescribes the policies and responsibilities of command (includes military discipine and conduct and the EO program
AR 600-30
FM that covers the United States Army History
FM 7-21.13
AR that covers the Code of Conduct and SERE
AR 350-30
FM that covers The Law of Land Warfare
FM 27-2
Fm that covers the Geneva Convention
FM 27-10
Fm that covers Guard Duty
FM 22-6
Fm that covers Physical Security
FM 3-19.30
AR that covers the Army Physical Security Program
AR 190-13
FM that covers First Aid
Fm 4-25.11
FM that covers Field Hygiene and Sanitation
FM 21-10
FM that covers Map Reading and Land Navigation
FM 3-25.26
AR/FM that covers rifle marksmanship for the M16 rifle
FM 3-22.9
FM that covers technical information, training techniques and guidance on the M249 (SAW)
FM 3-22.68
FM that covers the general overview of the fundamentals of NBC
FM 3-11
AR and FM that covers teh Army Physical Fitness Program
FM 21-20 & AR 350-1
AR that covers the Army Weight Control Program
AR 600-9
Fm that is considered to be the capstone leadership manual for the Army
FM 22-100
FM entitled "The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide"
FM 7-22.7
FM that covers "Training the Force"
FM 7-0
FM that covers Battle Focused Training
FM 7-1
AR that covers Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia
AR 670-1
AR that prescribes the policy, criteria and administrative instructions concerning individual military awards
AR 600-8-22
AR that covers Military Justice
AR 27-10
FM that covers Drill and Ceremonies
FM 3-21.5
Ar that prescribes the design, acquisition, display and use of flags, guidons and streamers
AR 840-10
FM that is another good source of information on Flags and Guidons
FM 3-21.5
AR that you would refer for occasions of when the flag of the U.S. would be raised, lowered or flown at half-staff
AR 600-25
AR that covers "Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy"
AR 600-25
FM that is a good source of information regarding Military Customs and Courtesies
FM 3-21.5 Drill and Ceremonies - Part II
AR that prescribes the reporting, selection, assignment and utilization of active army enlisted personnel
AR 614-200
AR that governs the Leave policy
AR 600-8-10
AR that prescribes the policy and procedures governing enlisted promotions and reductions
AR 600-8-19 - Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
AR that covers the NCOER system
AR 623-205 - Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System