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What does ASAP stand for?
Army Substance Abuse Program
What is the mission of ASAP?
To strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of soldiers and to enhance the combat readiness of its soldiers.
What is meant by deglamorizaiton of alcohol?
Personnel will not promote any function glamorizing the use of alcohol through drinking contests, games, initiations, or the awarding of alcoholic beverages as prizes in contests.
What are the ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
1. voluntary
2. commander/supervisor
3. biochemical
4. medical
5. investigation or apprehension
Commanders may direct drug testing under what conditions?
1. unit inspections
2. search and seizures/probable cause
3. competence for duty
4. rehabilitation
5. safety inspection
6. consent
7. new entrant
8. medical
What does ACS stand for?
Army Community Service.
What is the mission of ACS?
provide services that support readiness of soldiers, civilian employees, and their families.
What does the ACS symbol represent?
1. heart means giving
2. cross means help
3. gyoscope means stability
What is the ACS motto?
self-help, service, and stability
AER closely coordinates with what other organization?
American Red Cross
What is AER?
A private, nonprofit organization that provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families in time of distress.
What is the AER motto?
Helping the Army take care of its Own
What is the purpose of the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability.
Where does the Army Sexual Assault Policy apply?
Both on/off post and on/off duty.
If someone has been sexually assaulted, where can they report the crime?
1. their chain of command
2. medical treatment facility
3. MPs/CID
4. social work services
5. family advocacy
6. legal services
What are the categories of sexual harassment?
1. verbal
2. non-verbal
3. physical contact
What rank should an EOR normally be?
SGT(P) to 1LT
What are the goals of EO program?
to eliminatinate discrimination that undermine teamwork, mutual respect, loyalty, and shared sacrifices of soldiers.
What are the 3 policies each commander is required to publish and post on EO?
1. command policy statements for EO
2. Prevention of Sexual Harassment
3. EO complaint procedures.
The word safety is often associated with what term?
risk management
What does NCODP stand for?
Noncommissioned officer development program
What is the goal of NCODP?
To increase eand sustain NCO combat readiness