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AR 600-85

Army Substance Abuse Program
AR 608-1

Army Community Service
AR 621-5

AR 621-8
Army Continueing Education Center

Army Learning Center
AR 608-1

Army Community Service
AR 930-4

Army Emergency Relief
AR 600-20

Equal Opportunity
AR 608-47

Army Family Action Plan
AR 930-5
Army Red Cross
AR 608-280
Army Reenlistment/Retentioin Program
AR 385-40
Army Safety Program
AR 600-8-8
Army Sponsorship Program
AR 215-1

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
AR 40-121
AR 350-17

NCO Development Program
AR 600-9
Weight Control
FM 21-20

AR 350-1 ch. 1 sec. 21
Physical Readiness Training

Army Physical Fitness Program
FM 3-23.25 ch. 3
M136 AT4
FM 3-23.9
M16 A2 and M4
FM 23-23
M18A1 Claymore Mine
FM 3-22.65
M2 .50 Calibur Machine Gun
FM 3-22.31
M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
FM 3-22.68
M240B Machine Gun

M249 Machine Gun (SAW)

M60 Machine Gun
FM 3-23.25
Light AntiTank Weapon
FM 3-23.35
M9 9mm Beretta Pistol
FM 3-22.27
MK19 40mm Grenade Machine Gun
FM 3-23.30
Hand Grenades
DA Form 7013

DA Form 4950

DA Form 87

DA Form 638
Certificate of Appreciation

Good Conduct Medal Certificate

Certificate of Training

Request/Recommend Award
AR 600-8-22
Awards and Decorations
AR 670-1
Appearance of the Military Uniform
AR 700-84
Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing
FM 22-100
Army Leadership
FM 7-0
Training the Force
DA Form 4856 E
Develepmental Counciling Form
FM 7-22.7

AR 600-20
NCO Duties, Responsibilities and Authority

NCO's Role in reference to Chain of Command
AR 623-205

DA 2166-8-1
DA 2166-8

NCO Counseling Checklist
NCO Evaluation Report
AR 600-8-19

DA Form 3355
Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

Promotion Point Worksheet
AR 600-8-10

DA Form 31
DA Form 4179R
Leaves and Passes

Request for Leave
Leave Control Log
AR 27-10

DA Form 2627-1
Military Justice

Summarized Article 15
AR 350-30
Code of Conduct
DA PAM 27-1

DA PAM 27-25
Geneva Convention

FM 22-6
Guard Duty
AR 600-25
Customs and Courtesies
FM 3-21.5
Drill and Ceremony

Baron Von Steuben (Prussian Officer)
"The Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States"
First Army Field Manual
AR 600-25, AR 840-10
Raising and Lowering of the Flag
FM 7-1
Battle Focused Training
FM 3-25.26
Land Navigation
FM 101-5-1
Operational Terms and Graphics
FM 4-25.11
First Aid
FM 3-11

FM 3-5

FM 3-7
Chem, Bio, Radiological, Nuc
CBRN Decontamination

CBRN Handbook
FM 3-3-1
Nuclear contamination avoidance
FM 4-25.12

FM 21-10
Unit Field Sanitation Team

Field Hygiene and Sanitation
FM 3-19.30

AR 190-13
Physical Security

Army Physical Security Program
AR 380-5

DA Form 672

Safe or Cabinet security record
FM 3-05.70
FM 20-3
Camouflage, Concealament, and Decoys
DA PAM 738-750

DA PAM 750-35

DA PAM 738-750
Army Maintenance Mgt System

Motor Pool Operations

Leaders Unit Level Maintenance Handbook
AR 750-1
Army Materieal Maintenance Policy and Retail Management
FM 24-1

FM 24-18
Signal Support in the Airland Battle
Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques
TM 10-227
Fitting of Army Uniforms and Footwear