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What is the total load capacity of the Bomb Bay
4,800 pounds
bouys shall not be launched from the free fall chute above how many KIAS. Because of possible fuselage strikes.
250 KIAS
The MK 58 smoke last for how long?
45-55 mins
the Mk 25 smoke last for how long?
10-20 mins
MK-39 is what?
"EMATT" Expendable Mobal ASW Training Target
Do not disconnect umbilical from the missle if missle has recieved ITL signal for how long?
2.5 hours and remain clear aft of missle motor.
A how many inch yellow band around the store and the top of the store indicates explosive content.
2 inch yellow band.
How many wing stations are their?
10 wing stations and numbered 9 -18 right to left looking at the front of the P-3
What is the nomenclature for the explosive SUS?
MK-61 and MK-64
How many diffrent types of SUS are their?
3 TYPES, 1 MK-61, MK-64, MK-84
What are the 3 indications that your continuity light on the A275 will give you and what do they mean?
Extinguished- non-existing SLC, RF filter is bad, the wiring circuitry is bad.

Momentary - Empty SLC, with good circuitry.

Steady - Loaded SLC. Electrical continuity through CAD.
Whtats the note associated with the steady continuity light on the A275?
residue build up on the CAD can indicate continuity on a fired CAD.
why is their a Spring loaded switch for the sono disable door?
So it is no accidentally closed.
How many steps are their the sono bouy loading and unloading?
9 steps
Fwd armament does what function for the search store system?
Enables the search power cue light along with search power.
What is HERO gear stand for?
what is the number of the FREEFALL chute?
whats the nomenclature for the MWS
AAR-47 missile warning set
How many Safety circuits are their to the ALE-39 system?
4 Saftey circuits.
1. AVC Arm/Safe switch
2. CMD Saftey Pin
3. CDC On/OFF/Slave switch.
4. Weight-on- Wheels scissior switch
Where is the CMDS transformer located?
Above the CMDS Programmer
How many cartriges per bucket in the CMDS system.
Depends on the type of bucket. Normally 30 unless you have the D-27 bucket then cracking could occur if corners are loaded, in that case 26 can be loaded.
when flying with out a dispenser in each ALE-39 buckets what shall be done?
a blank off plate shall be installed
What PSI and TEMPerature is associated with the dispencer?
600-1100 PSI and 400 c
velocity of 75-140 FPS
What happends if a payload configuration other than F is selected with your ALE-39 system?
Dispenser will not fire expendables.
How much flight time will the Fuel Tank Suppressant Foam account for?
13 mins
do not actuate the reset switch on the countermeasure dispenser programmer because?
if the button is held longer than 5 seconds it will perhaps have inadvertent expendable launch and dud possibilities.
How long will the MK 124 Mod 0 day/night smoke marker in the airsafe vest last?
Emitts and orange smoke or red flare for 20 seconds
The MK-79 flare is what type of flare?
A pencil flare, 7 projectiles in bandolier.
What does terminal board 419 do?
Overrides both weight on wheels for ground testing of jettison systems.
What does kill ready indicate?
Weapon is in a ready state and capable of release.