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What is an Arena?
An Arena is a large enclosed area used for public entertainment, such as a rodeo.
What is an Armadillo?
An Armadillo is a small mammal. Its body and head are covered in an armor of small bony plates.
What does it mean when a horse bucks?
When a horse bucks, it springs with a quick plunging leap.
What is Commotion?
Commotion is noise, excitement, and confusion.
What is a Cowhand?
A Cowhand is a cowboy
What does Douse mean?
To douse means to drench with water or liquid.
What is a Jalapeno Pepper?
A Jalapeno Pepper is a type of pepper that is extremely hot.
What is a Rodeo?
A Rodeo is a public performance featuring bronco (horse) riding, calf roping, and bull riding.
What is a Tenderfoot?
A Tenderfoot is someone who is not experienced, or not used to, harsh outdoor life.