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acromial end
costal tuberosity
sternal end
conoid tubercle
acromial end
attaches to scapula
coracoid process
big duck head on scapula
looks like a drift on scapula
supraspinous fossa
on back the flat half pipe
infraspinous fossa
bottom flat part on back
subscapular fossa
big clearing on the front
superior notch
base of bird neck
uppper arm
greater tubercle
higher notch
lesser tubercle
lower notch right below the greater
intertubercular groove
where vein fits into the arm
deltoid tuberosity
notch mid way down the arm
lateral/medial epicondyle
outside and inside notches at the base of the arm (funny bone)
coronoid fossa
groove(indent) at the base
the bumps in the middle at the bottom of the humerus
the left side the the bumps at the bottom of the humerus
olecranon fossa
where the ulna fits (big dip!)
forarm has small head!
radial tuberosity
bump on the neck
interosseous ridge
sharp ridge
styloid process
hooks into the elbow the ridge is inner
ulnar tuberosity
notch below the coronoid process
coronoid process
where it hooks to the elbow
styloid process
the tip on the head of the ulna
big ball at the top to stop arm from overextending!
the top half of the pelvis
iliac crest
the hip ridges
iliac spine
label ant and post on the iliac crest
iliac fossa
flat smooth part
greater sciatic notch
the giant indent
gluteal fossa
backside smooth part
the butt bone
lesser sciatic notch
the littler indent
ischial tuberosity
the notch on the bottom of the ischium
ischial spine
the point right above the sciatic notch
on the inside where the ball and socket meet
butt bone
pubic tubercle
the points on the butt... next to where they meet
pubic crest
where they meet each other
subpubic angle
the angle it makes when both bones are together
superior and inferior pubic ramus
the smooth parts of the pubis
femur head
the ball
greater trochanter
the outside of the neck
interiortrochanteric crest
the inside of the trochanter on the back
lesser trochanter
on the back the lower bump
linea aspera
the line in the shaft
lateral/medial epicondyle
the outside bumps where the femur meets with the tibia and the fibula (on the front)
lateral and medial condyle
on the back the same place
intercondyle fossa
between the lateral and the medial condyle
the front bigger leg bone
lateral/medial epicondyle
the head of the tibia
intercondyle eminence
the backside between the epicondyle
interosseous ridge
the sharp parts
medial malleolus
the notch on the bottom of the bone
lateral malleolus
the really really skinny leg bone
the end of the bone
tipsy canadians can not cha cha cha
talus calcanruc cuboid navicular cuneiform(1,2,3)