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Which is not something Aristotle says he will address in the Poetics?
The revision process for poetry
What does Aristotle mean by imitation?
Mimicry of sound
Which is included in the definition of poetry?
Tragedy, Music and Comedy
Which is included in poetry's imitation?
Harmony, language, rhythm
What does 'dramitas' mean?
Drama of action
Tragedy presents men...
Better than they are
Comedy presents men...
Worse than they are
Epic presents men...
Better than they are
According to Aristotle, Homer tends to present men...
Better than they are
Which is not a form of imitative narration?
second-person narrator ('You')
What is one of the reasons poetry emerged?
Man's extict for imitation
What does poetry tend to imitate, according to Aristotle?
Noble men and "bad" men
What genre began with the imitation of 'meaner men'?
Which genre was at first not taken seriously?
Fill in the blank: All the elements of [x] are found in tragedy, but not all the elements of [x] are found in [x]
Which is not a component of tragedy?
Narrative form
What by definition is serious, complete, and of a significant magnitude?
What comprises the arrangement of incidents that result from character and thought giving way to action?
Complication and denouement are two elements of...
What does Aristotle mean by dictoin?
Rhythmic language
According to Aristotle, what is the most important element of tragedy?
What is the least important element of a tragedy?
Tragedy relies on...
What is the term for a purgation of pity and fear in the audience?
What is the term for the qualities ascribed to a certain men?