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States that keep you from developing virutes.
1. Brusthness: not fully animals, pshychopath. no sense of morality. NO hope in accomplishing virtues
2. Badness: having bad habits, it is hard to develop virtues because they might not think they're doing anything wrong.
3. Lack of self-control: notice's there is a problem and hopes to develop virtues.
1. Compulosory (you have to eat) or optional compulsory
2. Immanant: results that remain within you (knowledge) or transitive:results you produce or make
3. Intrinsic: Something you do for fun. or extrinsic: something you do for a result
Activity needed to maintain health
absolutly compulsory:immanent results extrinsic to the activity.
Subsistence for work
optional compulsory
transitive results, extrinsic to the activity.
leisure work
optional compulsory
immanant results
extrisinc to the activity
optinal compulsory
immanant results
intrinsic to the activity
Characteristics of living thing
1. Growth
2. Reproduction
3. Self-movement
4. Sensation
5. Desire
6. Intellect
Passive Mind
the potentiality of ideas
Active mind
the ability to compare things
fufillment, not an obective state, everybody has it at a general level however their can be some differences at what makes a certain person happier than an other, Happiness is NOT a feeling,
Supremme good, ultimate goal of everything. Everything you do is for a purpose and unless there is one purpose for everthing that would go on forever, the purpose for evertying is to be happy.
A character trait that allows people to function to their full potentiality.
tendancy to act in order to fulfil potential
Soul (Psyche)
what makes you what you are. the soul is the substantial form of human beings, it actualities are possesing a life and possesing organs.
Four Causes to understand anything
1. Matter: What is it made of?
2. Formal: what is its form?
3. Efficient: where did it come from?
4. Final: what is its purpose or function
Prime matter:
pure potentiality for change
Substantial Form
That which makes a thing the kind of thing it is
something that exits in itslef
a property of substance that inheres in it and cannot exist appart
A being has a potential for something if it can be (or do) something, but is not presently being (or doing) it.
a being is transformed from potentiality to actuality whne it begins to be (or do) that which it was acpable of being (or doin)