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how many types of commeriacl jets are there?
three types
commercial jets carrying up to 235 passengers are called?
narrow body
commercial jets carrying over 500 passengers are called?
wide body
newer larger aircraft mayhold up to how many passengers?
900 passengers
when the control towers colored light gun is steady green it means to?
OK to cross runway or taxiway
proceed, go
what is the light signal for stop?
steady red
the light signal for clear the runway or taxiway is?
flashing red
what is the light signal for return to starting point on airport?
flashing white
what is the light signal for general warning signal, use extreme caution?
alternating red and green
a specific section on the airfield marked in red indicate what?
1)restricted areas
2)fire lanes
3)no-entry zones
an aircraft that is landing first flies parallel to the runway in the direction opposite to its landing. This landing approach is known as?
downwind leg
the pattern at a right angle from the downwind leg to the approach end of the landing runway is called?
the base leg
a flight path that is at right angles to the prevailing wind is known as?
the crosswind leg