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the air fill valve connection is a high pressure connection, so it should not use what type of connection?
2,216 PSI
where is the manifold located?
on the center console behind the shift tower in the cab
where is the breathing air indicator located?
in the cab on the dash in front of the crew chief
what makes up the breathing air indicator?
1)LED bars
2)alarm silence buttom
3)light test buttom
how do you place the breathing air indicator in calibration mode?
by pressing the alarm silence buttom and the light test buttom simultaneously
what is the light test button used for on the breathing air indicator?
to perform a self test of the system

all lights will illuminate
after a light test how will you know the system is operating correctly?
the alarm will sound briefly
pressing the alarm silence buttom will silence the low pressure alarm for how long?
5 minutes
what is the purpose of the LED bars?
displays the amount of available breathing air in PSI
what has happen if the red lights start flashing on the LED bars?
the system air has dropped below 25%
what will happen if the ARFF breathing system drops below 20%?
an audible alarm will activate
what is the job of the manifold?
it divides one inbound airline from the air cylinders into four lines that provide breathing air to the masks
the manifold regulates the air pressure to what?
down 4-5 PSI above atmosheric pressure
how many inspections are recommended to be performed on an ARFF apparatus on a weekly basis?
(7) seven inspections
what inspections involving the fire pump are performed on a weekly basis?
1)pump and intake strainers
2)pump gearbox and packing glands
3)pump pressure control device
4)foam transfer
what are you checking when inspecting the pumpgear box?
the oil level
what are you checking during the inspection of the packing glands?
no excessive leaking
who should you check with prior to perform your check inspection on the pump pressure control device?
the authority having jurisdiction
how is the foam transfer pump inspected?
with the engine running you should operate the foam transfer pump for 10 seconds