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Bruce & Young 86
seperate box to SIU
COhen & Faulkner 86
learn info about people
names recalled less often
sem info= embedded in memory and expt
names not imaginable
Morris 78
names recalled better if visualised
McWeeny 87
occupation names baker
sentences mr baker is a butcher
occupation recalled better
not freq/ context/ imaginability
Cohen 90
made up and genuine occupation names
both occ and name harder to recall if meaningless
names arbitrary and meaningless
Flude 89
EST could recall sem info
not names
seperate or harder
Burton & Bruce 92
not seperate names one pin, sem info
may pins links
SIU feedback 2 pins and activate others
so complete
Uniqueness hyp
addition of activation for SIU many links; dec in activation SIU one link
Burton & Bruce 93
Known/ Common names produced faster
more stronger links
Bredart 95
more info known (more SIUs for that PIN = better recall- not all together
Hanley 95
no face naming or tel no. recall
occupation and face - name match ok
evidence for meaningless hyp
Scanlan & Johnston 97
match face and info name
kids = name advantage over occupation (opp 4 adults)
names meaningless (+occ 4 kids?)
names not access serial post SIU
kids use names more than occupation
Hollis & Valentine 2001
Proper nouns = unique same as names
priming= cross modality for name and landmark; not for country or object
- not uniqueness or meaningfulness
- name and landmark = purely referential
-object and country have associated concepts

Associative priming
= names/ voices/ faces cross modality
- each ref only single person
- dito name, landmark, country and object have associated concepts and SIU prime NPU and PIN do