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social org. covers societies organizing...
...internally and externally
ideological systems are ways that societies...
...use knowledge/beliefs to cope with enviro
analogies used to make (3 things)
constructs, general theory, middle-range theory
for a general analogy, must show...
...similarity in cultural, enviro setting
for a specific analogy, must show...
...similarity in cultural, enviro setting, cultural continuity
formal analogy justified by...
...similarities in form
relational analogy justified by...
...close cultural continuity, similarity in cultural form
3 problems with analogies...
...more than 1 possible, just best guess, hard to apply to complex problems
2 interpretive tools other than analogy
social theory, archaeological theory
parts of environment
physical, biological, social
parts of physical environment
landforms, bodies of water, atmosphere
biological environment
everything living except humans
parts of social environment
physical, conceptual
physical social enviro
humans interacting with physical enviro
conceptual social enviro
enviro defined by human behaviors
cultural ecology studies...
...interaction between societies and enviro
cultural ecology promotes...
...enviro determinism
cultural ecology says culture...
...uses tech to adapt
3 questions in reconstructing subsistence economies
what was enviro like? what could be exploited and when? what tech was available?
4 parts of what enviro was like
species, micro/macro enviros, seasonality, effects of seasons on species
3 ways to study resource use
optimal, analogy, empirical
use what technique in optimal method?
predictive modeling
adaptations to drought in chaco
populate whole basin, roads, warehouses
bilateral descent...
...lacks depth
____ more genetically similar in patrilocal residence
which society has as many valued positions as people to fill them?
which society has restricted numbers of valued positions?
in what society is membership not permanent nor binding?
in what society does trade flow through a regioner center?
in ____ societies, everyone is related
in ____ societies, everyone is descended from a common, revered ancestor
in ____ societies, not everyone is related
study of spatial distribution of humans and activities in and between settlements
settlement arch
4 units of analysis in settlement arch
activity areas, households, settlements/communities, regional settlement patterns
structures and features in discrete spatial unit
regional settlement pattern
settlements, households, activity areas, defined by boundaries on landscape
as societies change from ___ to ___, exotics become important part of economy
egalitarian bands, ranked societies
hopewell known for (2 things)
burial rituals, geometric earthworks
INAA determines comp of...
petrographic analysis determines comp of...
...temper and clay
art or writing that represent ideas about religion or cosmology
study of aspects of ancient culture that are product of human mind
cognitive arch
entopic phenomenon
see shapes while hallucinating, relate to something familiar
when did cave art in france and spain reach its peak?
magdalenian period
middle-range theory links ___ to ___
human behavior, observable data
middle-range theory is a ____ based on ___
rigorous analogy, causal linkages
symbolic ceremonial objets that occur in graves of high-status mississippians
southeastern ceremonial complex
4 functions of rock art from movie
primitive language, teaching, documenting history, fertility
berdaches were among...
...plains indians