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Describes the search for someone or something which, when found, will restore fertility to a wasted Land. The ultimate goal of the main character.
The Quest
The ___ to get my swap back!
This is not the same as the quest, but merely a step to complete it. Main character must face in order to complete the quest.
The Task
Slaying the dragon to get to Fiona .
Takes the form of an initiation in to adult life. Adolescent comes into his/her maturity with awareness, he faces his problems with new sense of hope.
This Awakening usually takes place at the end of story.
The Initiation
The Narnia Crowning.
The Hero journeys in search of some truth or information necessary to restore fertility to kingdom. And is forced to discover certain truths. Once hero is at low, he must accept personal responsibility to return to the reality.
The Journey
The quest for the ring.
Main character descends in to Psychological Hell. Loss of Innocence and bliss. Accompanied by the explusion from some paradise. Penalty for moral transgressions.
The Fall
Grows out of the parallel between the cycle of nature and cycle of life. Thus morning and springtime represents birth, youth, rebirth.
Evening&Winter-Old and death.
Death and Rebirth.
The Sixth Sense.