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-belief in one's country
-ancient past used to legitimate present
-reinforce sense of national greatness and identity
-ex: greece, israel
Bamiyan Buddhas
-afghanistan taliban destroyed carved buddhas
-not as act of war, simply to fulfill religious extremist movement
Fortunes of War
-destruction of monuments during times of war
-significant part of economic turnover of many countries
-"heritage industry" part of tourism
-increase public awareness of archaeology
-danger of destruction, terrorism
Farming in Peru
-aim was to reintroduce ancient agricultural practices
-aerial photography and excavation
-example of applied archaeology
-now staple in community life
-gather info about sites, conserve/preserve where possible
-most countries have protective legislation
-two human agencies: road construction and agricultural intensification
-also: tourism and looting
-makes preservation legislation necessary
CRM: cultural resource management
-two stages: assessment and mitigation
-assessment: affected land surveyed
mitigation: what salvage work should be carried out?
-salvage archaeology
Contract Archaeology
-provide funds for preservation/recovery of archaeological/historical resources
Contract Archaeology
-provide funds for preservation/recovery of archaeological/historical resources
Aztec Temples: conservation
-Museum of Tenochtitlan project
-preserve temple found in 1978
-ancient potters in SW, painted bowls
-bulldozing of site for bowls destroyed context
-Mimbes Foundation- protection of sites
-example of destruction and response