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Oaxaca Project: origin and rise of zapotec state
-projects trying to find origins of agriculture and evolution of complex society in region
-collected information about various aspects of life, formation of early/late village life, and interactions
-chronology helped analyze emergence of states
-used intensive field surveys, ecological approaches, emphasis on social organizations, and religious/symbolic systems
Calusa of Florida: complex hunter-gatherer society
-centralized, politically powerful society based on fishing, hunting, and gathering
-interested in examing human interaction with the environment and understnding the impact of European contact
-survey, excavation, experimental archaeology
-aimed to acquaint public with research
-bring better understandin gof need to protect/preserve
Kakadu National Park (Australia): research among hunter-gatherers
-multidisciplinary research program, study rock art
-included site survey/excavation, building on previous work (test/improve previous results)
-based on collaboration with natives
-study of past/present landscape and how/why it changed (econ/environ)
-population growth related to transformation of landscape/productivity
Khok Phanom Di
-investigate origins and development of agri systems
-preservation outstanding in climate
-social structure, environment, contact
-changed because of floor
-evidence for agriculture, though not earliest site
-lots of info from single burial site
-info on wide importance and increase local arch. knowledge
York: public presentation of archaeology
-complexity of arch in a continuously occupied city where ancient/modern are in close proximity
-YAT pioneer in techniques to engage interest of public
-examine process of urbanization
-present findings in new ways to public
-dependent on cooperation between different groups and city
-studied writing, technology, trade, urban development
-success in involving/educating public
-YAT example of urban setting that's commercially and educationally successful