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Aurignacian: UP time period
More Varied Stone tools
Blades (split and pebble-based stone points)
Carved bone and ivory tools, Carinate endscrapers
Ritualistic Art (tools without clear functional interpretations)
Grevettian: UP time period
long and straight tools
stemmed or projectile points
burins, teeth, endscrapers
widespread throughout Europe
adaptation for the cold
HOUSES out of mammoth bones!
Ritual Burials: buried with jewelry, clothes, beads, etc.
Figurines (venus)
Solutrian: UP time period
S. Laural Leaf-bifacial, very thin, pointed on both sides, big (1 ft long), hard to make
S. Shoulder Point
Cashing: burying a lot of stuff so you can come back and retrieve it later
Magnelinean: UP time period
Bone tools: Harpoons
Blades, endscrapers, burins, Magnelinean points
Burials: beaded crown, archtecture
Hearth teepees
Animal bones: evidence of cutting them up and distributing in different areas
Patterning and TP rings
Behavioral Transition at 40-45 kya (UP)
Independence between biology and behavior