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Acute EBV what do you see with lab test?
IgM monospot, Anti-VCA IgM and IgG, Anti-EA-D
In past EBV see ?
Anti-VC IgG, and anti-EBNA
Chronic EBV tests positive for
Anit-VCA IgG and Anti-EA-D, anti-EA-R, Anti-EBNA
Burkitts lymphoma
Tests positive for anit-VCA IgG, Anti-EA-R, anti-EBNA, maybe anti-EA-
Nasopharygeal carcinoma
Positive for Anti-VCA IgG, anti-EA-D, may be anti-EA-R, anti-EBNA
All that test positive for Anti-VCA IgM
Only acute EBV mono
All that test positive for anti-VCA IgG?
All EBV diseases
When will you not see a positive test result for anti-EA-D?
Past EBV infection
Those that test positive for anti-EA-R
Chronic active EBV
Burkitts lymphoma
Nasopharyngeal ( can be +/-)
Which EBV does NOT tests positive for anti-EBNA?
Acute EBV - mono
what is the first antigen to appear on EBV serology?
EBNA - antibodies for EBNA can develop late in the infx
what is teh use of EIA test with EBV?
serological test to detect antibody against EBV components
when does anti-VCA appear?
early in infection, 1-2 month duration
when does Anti-EBNA develop?
around 3-6 weeks, and has life-long duration
recent infection displays what on test?
presence of anti-VCA, but NOT anti-EBNA
past infection displays what on test?
presence of BOTH anti-VCA and anti-EBNA
what is significant about Ab's and recovery of EBV?
anti-EA and anti-VCA decr, and anti-EBNA persists lifelong and will represent a past infection if test later in life
T/F ONLY anti-EBNA appears on test post 2+years of EBV infection?
FALSE, anti-VCA and anti-EBNA are ALWAYS present, just in lower titer amounts, sometims see anti-EA as well
T/F a negative monospot result means the pt does NOT have mono?
FALSE, a negative result can happen if early in illness. also look for anti-VCA IgM
T/F, AST is < than ALT in hepatitis virus?
FALSE, the usual report is AST>ALT
hepatitis A
fecal/oral transmission
or from shellfish
once have = lifelong immunity
-vaccine= Havrix
what about surface antigen an dlifelong immunity or being a carrier?
1. see hepatitis surface Ag, in response you will make HVB surface Ab - (if you never make the Ab, it means you are a carrier, if you do make it - it confers lifelong immunity)
describe the antigen/antibody timeline of hepatitis B infection
1. HBs Ag appears first during incubation period, then dissappears
2. during 'core window" have peak ALT, s/s of virus, IgG anti-HBc, IgM anti-HBc
3. see HbsAg at end of window,~4mo post infx, see HBeAg around 3 mo, develop HBV DNA ~3 mo
4. anti-HBc is detected in serum when symptoms begin
5. antiHBc IgM develops 1st, followed by IgG
6. if see HBeAg, it predicts development of chronic hep B
**high levels of HBeAg = good prognosis
which anti-HBcIg can be tested during core window of Hep B?
ONLY the anti-HBc IgM
there is NO test for the anti-HBc IgG
where is HBV core antigen found in the body?
only in liver cells
which Ig is present for life in post infected Hep B pt?
what is the best test to do if there is a questionable positive Hep C test result?
do a PCR and RIBA-2
what is the most common source of post transfusion hepatitis?
hep C, 70% become chronic
who can present with a false + hep C test result?
pt w/ autoimmune disx or incr gamma globulins
what are the vaccines for hepatitis, and which strain does not have a vaccine available?
Havris -HVA (hep A)
Twinrix - Hep B
none for C,D,E
describe Hep D
delta, RNA virus, can replicate ONLY when hep B is present
-can test for tthe antibody
hepatitis E
waterborne hep mainly in underrdeveloped countries
transmission is fecal/oral
what two strains of hepatitis can be transmitted via fecal/oral route?
hep A and hep E
which strains of hepatitis can cause chronic disease?
hep B,C,D,
which strains of hepatitis can cause cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma?
hep B and C
list the vaccines available for hepatitis
Recombivax - for hep B Twinrix - combo for hep A/B
Havrix - hep A
no vaccine for hep C,D,E