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A well-designed aquatic fitness program includes what 4 things? w/components of fitness (cardio, etc.), 2.allows us to be social, environment,
The aquatic exercises used during aquatic fitness are designed to do what 4 things?
1. lose weight 2. provide resistance (muscle tone) 3. move joints more freely (flexibility) 4. raise the heart rate
Water is how many times denser than air?
1,000 times
What does aquatic fitness do to bone loss?
decreases chances
What are some health benefits of an aquatics class?
1. lowers blood lipids 2. lowers BP 3. decreases risk of diabetes 4. decreases stress
What is a desirable fat range for women? men?
women-17-26%; men 12-21%
How do we increase aerobic intensity?
1. add more weight 2. more intensity 3. duration 4. change depth of water
What should you do for a muscle cramp?
stretch the muscle
What should we do if we want to burn calories?
cardio 45-60 minutes, lots of cardio, lots of days
What are some special considerations for aquatic fitness?
we should not imbalance the body-not too strong or too flexible; correct body alignment; stomach muscles contracted, belly to chest, not more than 90 water
What are some exercise tips for deep water?
keep joints soft, bend at the knees; no quick twisting movements, stop if uncomfortable; go at own pace
What are the 6 basic nutrients?
carbs, vitamins, protein, minerals, water, fats
Water is a nutrient that...
hydrates, cools the body, and carries nutrients
What are some of the benefits of aquatic fitness?
more people need programs that challenge begin. and athletes, provides a cushioned environ. for people that have joint prob.
Sit and reach test
muscle strength and endurance
three minute/ 16" step test
cardiorespiratory endurance
Hydrostatic weighing
body composition
Ability of muscles to generate force
muscle strength
Amount of lean mass to adipose tissue
body comp
capacity of a joint to move freely
Ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen?
Electrical impedance
`body comp
muscle strength
Walking, running, swimming and aquatics
Does more to promote independent living than the rest
enhances proper and graceful body movement
front of upper arm
calf muscle
back of upper leg
Latissimus dorsi
largest/widest muscle in the back
Pectoralis major
chest muscle
front of upper leg
Rectus adominus
front of the body/ ribs to pubic bone
upper back
back of upper arm
List three ways to change the intensity level of deep water aerobics.
more reps, go longer, add weight, go faster
List 2 types of equipment for toning in water aerobics.
Dumbells, bricks, stretch bands, noodles, ankle weights, kick boards
20 yo man w/ resting heart rate of 80. What is his target heart rate at 60% to 85% training intensities?
1. Maximum hr=220 minus age=200 2. Resting Hr=80 3. Heart rate Reserve=200 minus 80=120 3. Training intensity x .50 and .85 120X 4.add rh=152 and 182
What is fitness?
absence of illness or disease
Cardiovascular endurance (lack of)
chronic and hypokinetic diseases
How many adults exercise enough and what do they need?
10-20%; 3-5 times aerobic, 20+ minutes of cardio
Muscular flexibility does what 2 things?
Full rom, allows joints to move freely
For muscular strength what do we need?
2-3 times a week, need resistance