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what does induced spawing provide the means for?
produce hybrids by inducing spawing outside normal season

lengthen production/grown out cycles

maximize fertilization and larval survival due to optimization of conditions
what are the advantages of controlled spawning?
reduceds pre-spawing mortality

improves production efficiency (labor)

frees time for other operational chores
what are the environmental approaches to induced spawning?
temperature, photoperiod, lunar cycle, vegetation/food, other species, substrate/nesting materials, salinity, pheromones, social cueing, ect.
what are the approaches to induced hormonal spawning?
hypophysectomy, GTH/partially purified gonadotropins/human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), LH-RH/Gn-RH
what are the delivery methods for drugs?
injections (1-100 mg kg-1 LH-RH), sustained release devices (5mg in 95 mg Cholestrerol), oral delivery (variable -add with antacids, anto-enzymes, ect.
what is the endocrine control of reproduction?
anti-estrogens, dopamine agonists hypothalamus-GnRH-Pituitary-GTH-ovary-vitellogenesis-final oocyte maturation-hydration and ovulation-spwaning behavior
what are the spawning procedures?
depends upon species under consideration (stress, size, value),

ovarian maturation and egg development staged

method employed to induce spawning selected based upon above
describe salmon spawning
grade/separate by sex
check ripeness
anaesthetize and strip
check milt viability
add eggs to mit/mix
water harden (1h)
micropyle closure
wash eggs
remove dead eggs