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** England grew SUGAR in west Indies islands.

** Thousands of African slaves were needed to operate sugar plantations, and these weren’t for the poor either.
Britain had founded Jamestown in 1600.

In 1606, the Virginia Company received a charter from King James I to make a settlement in the New World

** The charter of the Virginia Company guaranteed settlers the same rights as Englishmen in Britain.
JAMESTOWN (when found)
On May 24, 1607, about a 100 English settlers disembarked from their ship and founded Jamestown

** Forty colonists perished during the voyage.

**In mosquito-ridden Virginia, disease was rampant. It didn’t help that a supply ship shipwrecked in the Bahamas in 1609 either.

** Luckily, in 1608, a Captain John Smith took over control and whipped the colonists into discipline.

**He had been kidnapped by local Indians and forced into a mock execution by the chief Powhatan and had been “saved” by Pocahantas.

**The act was meant to show that Powhatan wanted peaceful relations with the colonists.

**Still, the colonists were reduced to eating cats, dogs, rats, even other people.
** Carolina flourished by developing close economic ties with the West Indies.

Rice emerged as the principle crop in Carolina.

**Despite violence with Spanish and Indians, Carolina proved to be too strong to be wiped out.
**African slaves were hired to work on rice fields, due to their immunity to malaria and their familiarity with rice.
** Spain had only set up Santa Fe in 1600's

** Defeated by Britain in the Spanish Armada
Virginia House Of Burgesses
** Representative self-government was born in Virginia, when in 1619, settlers created the House of Burgesses.
Pennsylvania Colony
a. It was called Pennsylvania, in honor of Penn

b. It was the best advertised of all the colonies.

** Pennsylvania attracted a great variety of people from all races, class, and religion. because allowed anyone to emigrate to Pennsylvania, in order to provide a haven for persecuted religions.
New Engand Indians
Before the Puritans had arrived in 1620, an epidemic had swept through the Indians, killing over three quarters of them.

In 1637,English settlers and the powerful Pequot tribe fought in the Pequot War, in which the English set fire to a Pequot village on Connecticut’s Mystic River, annihilating the Indians and bringing about forty years of tentative peace.
New England Confederation
In 1643, four colonies banded together to form the New England Confederation.

**Almost all were Puritan

** It was weak, but still a notable milestone toward American unity.

**The colonies were basically allowed to be semi autonomous commonwealths.
Dominion of New England
In 1686, the Dominion of New England was created to bolster the colonial defense against Indians and tying the colonies closer to Britain by enforcing the hated Navigation Acts. they combined the colonies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut

** The acts forbade American trade with countries other than Britain. result = smuggling

**Head of the Dominion was Sir Edmund Andros

**Dominion of New England collapsed when people of England staged the Glorious Revolution, instating William and Mary to the crown.