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The conflict between President Tyler and Whig leaders like Henry Clay took place over issues of
Banking and tariff policy
p. 382
Among the major sources of the tension between Britain and the United Statesss in the 1840s was
American involvement in Canadian rebellions and border disputes
p. 383
The "Aroostok War" involved
A battle between American and Canadian lumberjacks over the northern Maine boundary
p. 383
During the early 1840s, Texas maintained its independence by
Establishing friendly relations with Britain and other European powers
p. 384
Which of the following was not among the reasons why Britain strongly supported an independent Texas?
Britain was interested in eventually incorporating Texas into the British Empire
p. 384
Texas was finally admiteted to the Union in 1844 as a result of
President Tyler's interpretation of the election of 1844 as a "mandate" to acquire Texas
p. 385
"Manifest Destiny" represented the widespread American belief that
God had destined the United States to expand across the whole North American continent
p. 385
Britain eventually lost out in the contest for the disputed Oregon territory because
The rapidly growing number of American settlers overwhelmed the small British population
p. 386
Henry Clay lost the election of 1844 to James Polk because
His attempt to straddle the Texas issue lost him votes to the antislavery Liberty party in New York
p. 388
The final result of the British-American conflict over the Oregon raised fears country in 1844-1846 was
An American success in winning the goal of a boundary at "fifty-four forty"
p. 388
The immediate cause of the Mexican War was
Mexican refusal to sell California and a dispute over the Texas boundary
p. 389
The phrase "spot resolutions" refers to
Congressman Abraham Lincoln's resolution demanding to know the exact spot were American blood had supposedly been shed
The main American military campaign that finally captured Mexico City was commanded by
General Winfield Scott
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending the Mexican War provided for
American aquisition of about half of Mexico and payment of several million dollars in compensation
p. 395
The major domestic consequence of the Mexican War was
A sharp revival of the issue of slavery
p. 398