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What tisse makes up the ...
air sacs of lungs, LINING of heart, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, lining of ventral body cavity (serosae)
simple squamos epithelium

allos passage of materials by diffusion and filtartion in sites where protection is not important, secretes lubricating substances in serosae
What tisse makes up the ... DUCTS and secretory portions of SMALL glands, ovary surface, kidney tubules
simple cuboidal epithelium

secretion and absorption
What tisse makes up the ... DIGESTIVE TRACT, gallbladder and excretory ducts of some glands
nonciliated simple columnar epithelium

absorption, secretion of mucus, enzymes and other substances,
What tisse makes up the ... small bronchi, uterine tubes, and some regions of UTERUS
ciliated simple columnar epithelium

propels mucus or reproductive cells by cilliary action
What tisse makes up the ... ducts LARGE glands, male urethra
nonciliated pseudostratified epithelium

secretion of mucus
What tisse makes up the ... lines the TRACHEA, and most of the RESPITORY tract
ciliated pseudostratified epithelium

propulsion of mucus
What tisse makes up the ... MOIST linings of esophagus, MOUTH and VAGina
nonkeratanized stratified squamos epithelium

protects underlying areas
What tisse makes up the ... forms the EPIDERMIS dry membrane
keratanized stratified squamos epithelium

What tisse makes up the ... ducts of SWEAT glands (large), Mammary glands, SALIVARy glands
stratified cuboidal epithelium

What tisse makes up the ... is RARE, male urethra, some ducts of large glands
stratified columnar epithelium

protection, secretion
What tisse makes up the ... BLADDER, ureters, part of the urethra
Transitional Epithelium

stretches readily and permits distension of urinary organ by contained urine
What tisse makes up the ... Goblet cells
simple columnar epithelium
What gland secretes by ... exocytosis
merocrine glands

pancreas most sweat glands, calivary glands
What gland secretes by ... rupturing
holocrine glands

sebaceous glands
What gland secretes by ... pinching off top portion w/ secretion
apocrine glands

mammary glands
What tissue is located in ... lamina propia, most abundant
areolar connective tissue

warps, cushions, macrophages, mast cells, fluidity
What tissue is located in ... under skin around kidneys, eyeballs, in bones, abdomen and breasts
adipose tissue

energy, insulation, support, protection
What tissue is located in ... lymph stuff, spleen, bone marrow
reticular connective tissue

fibers form soft internal skeleton that is supprtive
What tissue is located in ... tendons, ligaments, aponeuroses
Dense regular connective tissue

attaches muscle to bone or muscle, bone to bone, great strength in one direction
What tissue is located in ... dermis of skin, submucose of digetive tract FIBrous capsules of JOints and ORgans
Dense irregular connective tissue

strength in multiple directions
What tissue is located in ... walls of aorta, VOCAL cords,
Elastic connective tissue

durability w/ stretchability, returns to normal
What tissue is located in ... embryonick skeleton, ends of long bones, costal cartilages RIBS, nose, trachea and larynx
MOST abundant
hyaline cartilage

supprt, reinforce, resilient cushioning, resists compressive stress
What tissue is located in ... external ear, epiglttis
elastic cartilage

maintain shape, flexibility
What tissue is located in ... vertebra discs, knee joint

tnsile strength, compressive shock