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Characteristics of Focus Groups:
informal because not scientific
primary because you are getting information first hand
Focus Groups advantages/disadvantages
good for assessing message-qualitative,
in-depth discussions on values
new information can emerge
disadvantage: costly, validity, subjective
Intercept interviews
advantage: target geographic region, ability to clarify question, can probe.
disadvantage: limited length and scope. (informal)
type and Advantages/disadvantages of
telephone surveys
advantage: speed, quantitative, can probe,
disadvantage: cost, not good for evaluating messages, limited in length.
What is the statistically valid random sample size for a population of 100,000?
type and adv/disadv of
Mail Survey
advan: can be internally administered, can use rankings and comparisons, can evaluate message,
disadvan: low return rate, data entry of responses, sample limitations. (guide says formal/primary)
Name 3 tools/types of research that are primary research
Advisory panels
complaint reviews
fact finding
internet research
content analysis
Name 4 informal/primary research methods
focus groups
in-depth interviews
advisory panels
community forums
communications audit
complain reviews
type and adv/disadv to
Content Analysis
it's both informal and formal, primary. Objective, systemic and quantitative.
Adv: can apply scientific sampling methods used in social surveys to establish reliability and validity. low cost
disadv: need careful definition of units of measurement, units of observation and attributes.
value limited to comparative profiles.