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What is a plasmid?
A cicular, self replicating DNA.
___ plamids, and __ chromosome
many, one
The multiple cloning site can be cut with ??
enzymes(restriction endonuceleases)
What is good about restiction endonuclease?
Can cut plasmid to add in gene of interst.
To make a ton of protein encoded on your gene of interst you want to use a plasmid vector with a very strong ____ upstream of the multiple cloning site.
A very stong promoter will allow for ??
A highly efficient RNA pol binding and therefore lots of mRNA.
The enzyme that attaches the amino acid to the appropriate tRNA is ??
Amino acyl tRNA synthase.
(proof reading)
What are the requirements for PCR?
1)alot of primers
3)thermostable enzyme