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A - Age
*How old are you?
*What is your date of birth?
*Are you a U.S. Citizen?
*What is your place of birth?
*What is your Social Security Number?
*Are you a registered voter?
*Are you registered with the Selective Service?
P - Prior Service
*Are you now or have you ever been a member of or processed for any branch of the armed forces to include the Reserve or National Guard?
*Have you ever been a member of any youth organizations such as ROTC, JROTC, Naval Sea Cadets, Air Force Civil Air Patrol, National Defense Cadets Corps, or the Girl/Boy Scouts?
P - Physical
*Are you now or have you ever been under the care of a doctor to include childhood illnesses or injuries?
*Have you ever used any prescribed or over the counter medicines?
*Have you ever used any illegal drugs to include marijuana or hashish?
*What is your current height and weight?
*Do you have any Body piercing, brandings or tattoos?
L - Law Violation
*Have you ever been arrested, charged, cited, held, or convicted of any law violations; to include juvenile or minor traffics, by any law enforcement agency to include military police. Even if the charges were later dropped, dismissed, expunged, sealed from the record or you were found not guilty? This includes disciplinary actions in school?
*If there was a fine: Amount and has it been paid.
*If there was any confinement: Dates of confinement and has it been completed.
*If there were any probation: Dates and has it been completed.
*If the charges were dropped: What were the conditions for the charges to be dropped.
E - Education
*What is the highest grade you have completed?
*Have you received or will you receive a traditional high school diploma?
*What is the name of the school?
*What is the date you graduated?
*Have you ever attended any college or Vo-Tech?
*How many credits do you have?
M - Marital Status
*Are you now or have you ever been married?
*Any plans to change your marital status in the near future?
D - Dependents
*Is anyone morally, legally, or financially dependant upon you for support?
T - Testing
*Have you ever taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery?
*If yes, what was the date, place, and score?
*If no, administer the Computerized Adaptive Screening Test.